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12 Months of Chesapeake Bay

Organize the coming year with one of these Bay calendars

Want to know where you’re headed before the clock strikes midnight on December 31? Buy your calendar now, and you’ll kick off 2014 with map in hand for your new year.
    To guide you in a decision that will hang over you for the next 12 months, we reviewed 11 calendars with ties to Maryland and Chesapeake Country, plus the Farmers Almanac calendar, indispensible for Bay gardeners of all skill levels.

Baltimore History
See Baltimore in a new (or old) light. Restored vintage photographs, circa 1900 to 1939, fill out the city’s history with oyster lugers in the harbor to the Elk Parade and horse-drawn buggies on Light Street.
    At 12-by-24 inches open, this calendar is big, giving you room for your own events alongside major holidays. Subtle month names keep the crisp photographs the center of attention. Maybe you’re a Washingtonian? Check out the sister calendar for Washington, D.C.
$14.99 from Buffalo Media Works:

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
How can you resist a year full of these lovable faces? Celebrate our state dogs, in all their curly-coated glory, as they bound through the water, play fetch and embrace the outdoors. Stunningly bright and clear photos are sure to bring a smile to your face. An adorable puppy in December rounds out the year. With a very simple grid design, there is little to detract from these playful pooches.
    This 10.5-by-13-inch calendar shows holidays and moon phases while leaving you room for notes.
$13.49 from Willow Creek Press:

Capture Outdoors Maryland
The only calendar with photos chosen by you. Over 45,000 Marylander votes determined which of the 12,000 photos, all entered by local photographers, would be included — making this the only truly community-driven calendar on our list. We’ve chosen March, with Chuck Prahl’s photo of a handtonger working the oyster beds.
    You get the most photo bang for your buck with over 50 photos highlighted in this calendar. Plus the most months. Capture Outdoors Maryland adds three additional months, taking you through March, 2015.
    The simple design of this modern-looking calendar allows the photos to pop with life and color. Boxes are narrow, but with little extra text, you should still have room to customize this calendar with your events.
$14.95 from the publisher:

Maryland ­Natural Resource ­Calendar
As Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ 2014 advises on the cover, “Delight in the beauty that surrounds you.” This annual calendar celebrates Maryland’s special landscapes, wildlife and people with the winning photographs from the 2013 Maryland Natural Resources magazine photo contest. From the grand prize-winning photo of a spicebush swallowtail butterfly on a Black-Eyed Susan (April) to photos of watermen, tundra swans and misty mornings, each month showcases Maryland’s natural wonders.
    This calendar includes monthly tips for living green, ideas for getting outside and holidays — including Smokey the Bear’s birthday. There are also reminders to take photos each month so that you can enter the contest next year. Even with all this information, there is still space to add your own events and notes.
$9.99 from Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

America in Miniature
Maryland’s landscapes are so diverse that National Geographic’s appellation as America in Miniature has stuck. This calendar follows Maryland’s seasons from ocean beaches through the Piedmont foothills to the Appalachian Mountains. Photographer Middleton Evans’ pictures range from bucolic to high energy, characters from sparring foxes to pranking midshipmen at commencement (May, our pick of the year), action from speeding race horses to a slow steam train.
    Each month includes holidays, annual events and local lore.
$12.95 from Ravenwood Press:

Annapolis Tides
A must-have for boaters, this calendar shows next year’s tides, as predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. An easy-to-read tide graph runs across each week, also displaying times for high and low tides and weekly sunrise and sunset times.
    Grid squares are mostly full of tide information, holidays and moon cycles, leaving little space for personal additions. A bonus page in the back shows tidal differences between Annapolis and locations across the Chesapeake.
$14.95 from Tidelines:

Sailing (or Boating) the Chesapeake
Sail into 2014 with either of these calendars. Join sailors as they maneuver around obstacles, pass the Thomas Point Lighthouse and sail into the sunset. Each month includes two different photos to inspire you to get out on the water.
    Boating the Chesapeake gives you the same high view, this time of powerboats. These large 12-by-24-inch formats leave plenty of space for your own notes and events.
By Offshore Aviation, a veteran-owned company; $15.99 from

Maryland Environmental Trust Calendar
Spend your year gazing at pastoral scenes and calm waters, all permanently protected through Maryland Environmental Trust easements and shot by staff, volunteers and friends.
    Major holidays and the moon cycle are included, with enough space to write notes. Quotes from happy easement owners accompany each month to inspire you to protect your land.
Maryland Environmental Trust; free with a donation:

Wild and Scenic Maryland
This calendar celebrates Maryland’s many landscapes from Talbot to Garrett County and from Assateague National Seashore to Susquehanna State Park. Images reflect the seasons: a frozen river in January, flowering dogwoods in May and colorful leaves in October.
    Information includes major American holidays plus international holidays like United Nations Day (October 24) and moon cycles. It’s a large calendar, so there’s plenty of room for personal touches.
$14.99 from Brown Trout Publishers:

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
The 2014 Alliance calendar gives equal face time to wildlife, pretty scenes and people in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Images of tree plantings, extreme sailing, baby crabs and the rolling hills of the headwaters of the Susquehanna River adorn this calendar.
    Our choice: Madelyn Phillips’ second place-winning Peluso Open Water training for triathletes, highlighting October.
    Text is minimal. With just major holidays displayed, there is plenty of room to record your own events.
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay; gift with new membership or $100 donation;

Chesapeake Bay
Looking for quintessential Chesapeake? Then this is the calendar for you. Featuring images that are unmistakably from the watershed, this calendar highlights the Hooper Strait Light, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, crabs, oysters and workboats in Annapolis.
    There’s lots of space on the days and in the margins for notes, events and reminders, as well as holidays and the moon cycle. Your 2014 calendar includes the last six months of 2013 for reference.
$14.99 from Brown Trout Publishers:

Old Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Calendar
Now in its 37th year, this nature-inspired perennial favorite is easy on the eye with full-color illustrations of seasonal flora and fauna, including December’s hare and catbirds amid scarlet firethorn and red-twigged dogwood. Each month includes gardening advice, complete with green-thumb secrets, timely tips, engaging seasonal lore plus an added bonus: a year-round table that identifies the best days to plant 36 vegetables and grains according to the moon’s phases and regional climates. Large date squares give ample room for jotting down schedule notes.
    A good choice for anyone who is going or growing green.
$9.99 from Old Farmer’s Almanac;