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$1.5 Million for Pride II

Pride of Baltimore II, Maryland’s ambassador under sail, has found a pot of gold nearer than the end of the rainbow.
    Seizing on the replica 1812-era clipper ship’s power to promote economic development, Gov. Larry Hogan has promised $1.5 million, spread over three years to Pride of Baltimore Inc., the nonprofit that owns and operates the tall ship. The money will send Pride traveling around the country and to other nations.
    “We are pleased to have a new partnership with the Pride and to have her help carry our message across the state, nation and globe — that Maryland is open for business,” Hogan said.
    Pride of Baltimore II was built in Baltimore and commissioned in 1988 to replace the original Pride, which sank in a squall in the Atlantic Ocean in 1986. Pride II has voyaged to more than 200 ports in 40 countries.
    But without state funding in recent years, Pride’s ocean-going range has been compressed.
    Pride Inc. is also launching a corporate membership campaign and reaching out to new individual supporters.
    Pride II will sail in Maryland during parts of 2016 and in tall ships events on both the East Coast and in the Great Lakes next summer. Pride  II will also continue to offer educational sessions for school children.
    The well-maintained topsail schooner has a projected life of another half century.