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Bay Photographers Called to Glory

Win prizes with your photos of fish and water

Your friends and family tell you the photos you post on Facebook are great. Are your snapshots really as good as they say? Now you can find out. Two local organizations — Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Maryland Department of Natural Resources — are sponsoring photo contests seeking Bay-oriented entries.
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation wants images that illustrate the beauty, benefits and bounty of the Bay and its rivers and streams. Photos can illustrate a wide variety of topics — as long as they include water. Entries are due April 11. Find details and rules at:
    Department of Natural Resources wants fish in its photos. The picture that best showcases Maryland sport fishing will appear on the cover of the 2015 Maryland Fishing Guide. Entries are due July 31. For more information, see:
    Both contests offer some material prizes for the winners, but you’ll want to do this for the glory — and to prove your friends and family right.