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The Biggest Wiener

Dogs compete for best costumes

Think your pup is the cutest Hallowiener?
    Prove it.
    Fisher’s Famous, a hot dog truck at 77 West Central Avenue in Edgewater, is seeking pups to compete for the top prize in cuteness and creativity in the Hallowiener Canine Costume contests.
    To enter, snap a picture of your furry four-legged friends in their Halloween best and email it to Fisher’s Famous at
[email protected], with your and your pooch’s name.
    Pictures of the canines will hang on the hot dog joint so customers can vote for their favorites. You can vote every time you visit to get your wiener fix.
    The dog with the most votes gets bragging rights, and a donation in its name to the SPCA of Anne Arundel County; humans get a $25 gift card to Fisher’s Famous.
    Who will be the big wiener? I mean winner. You decide.