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Deck Your Walls with Maryland Beauty

DNR’s calendar makes your indoors out

With your 2014 calendar just about used up, what are you going to hang on the wall in 2015 to replace it?
    Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ 2015 calendar is a best bet for us whose lifestyles keep us inside looking at walls rather than out in Maryland’s beauty.
    The 12 photos are creamed from over 800 shot in 2014 by Marylanders who spend plenty of time outdoors, keeping their eyes open and cameras ready to capture beauties small to large.
    Annapolitan Laurie Brice earned the 2015 cover — and top prize in DRN’s annual shoot-Maryland photo competition — for her close-up photo of a red-footed cannibalfly sucking nectar at Jug Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.
    Calendars are $9.99 at
    Get ready for next year’s contest at