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DNR Starts Mapping Land for Preservation and Recreation

Public meetings begin Feb. 5

Maryland Department of Natural Resources needs you. Every five years, the department creates its Land Preservation and Recreation plan to guide public purchase of land for stewardship and recreation. The next one is due at the end of this year.
    “These are public resources,” says John F. Wilson, DNR’s associate director for stewardship. So he wants us to describe what’s needed and to nominate places to meet the public need.
    “DNR focuses on resource-based recreation like camping, hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing,” Wilson says. So turn your thoughts to those areas.
    Finding land for field sports such as soccer, football and lacrosse, on the other hand, is a job for the counties.
    After you’ve had your say, the department starts shaping the plan. Eventually, requests for funding are made to the National Park Service.
    The first Regional Stakeholder Outdoor Recreation Evaluation meeting is Feb. 5, 6-8pm, at the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation Headquarters, 6600 Kenilworth Ave., Riverdale.