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Ducks Crossing

They don't read, but drivers do

    “Everybody here tries to do everything they can to take care of good ol’ Deale.”
    So says Ryan Tucker, son of Joe Tucker, the man behind JT Restorations of Deale. From picking up trash along the road to helping turtles cross the street, Tucker has always had a heart for his hometown.
    The recent death of a duckling gave him a new cause. A speeder careless of the creatures that share these backroads hit the bird.
    Incensed, Tucker came up with the idea of Duck Crossing signs. His father agreed to sponsor them.
    “Ever since he opened the business in 1984,” Tucker tells us, “my dad has always been heavily involved in the community.”
    So far, about 30 double-sided 18-by-24-inch foam-board signs, some white and some yellow, have been set in the ground at likely duck crossings throughout the community. From Facebook posts to calling locals, residents are asking for signs for more locations.
    “People have been really responsive,” Tucker says. “I hope it will motivate others to do better things and take initiative instead of saying they hope someone else will.”
    JT Restorations is now planning a fall trash pick-up day.
    Call JT Restorations for your sign: 410-867-7008; or check them out on Facebook @tuckerenterprisesinc.