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Hoofing for a Good Cause

Don Chomas’ pink pig advances Parole Rotary’s Naptown barBAYq

The Parole Rotary’s Naptown barBAYq is coming to town with more than 50 teams competing to win bragging rights to best pork, chicken, ribs and brisket.
    Next weekend you’ll smell the smoke far and wide. Barbecuing begins late May 3 with the festival running May 4 and 5 at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds. You’ll get your chance to taste from 2:30-5pm Saturday ($10).
    This week, you might meet the pig. That’s Rotary president Don Chomas, who’ll do just about anything to promote a good cause — including showing up around town in “a cute pink pig suit.” That’s the report of Bay Weekly’s Betsy Kehne, who identified the man inside the suit at the St. John’s-U.S. Naval Academy croquet match last Saturday.
    The Rotary expects 15,000 to 20,000 barbecue lovers to enjoy the best barbecue around and help raise over $100,000. The money will be divided among organizations helping kids.
    The key to an enduring success is promoting the event year-round. That, says, Chomas, is why he wears a pig suit.
    Dressing up as a pig isn’t just about spreading the word about the barBAYq but also about putting a smile on a kid’s face, he says.
    Kids, says Chomas, are what the Naptown barBAYq is all about.