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Operation Broken Antler

Community service group asks your help

      The Deale Elks Lodge has been a cornerstone in Southern Anne Arundel County for 44 years. Known for its support, generosity and general do-goodery, the fraternal organization makes regular donations to Shady Side Elementary, Deale Elementary and the South County Youth Association. It hosts fundraising events for members and organizations throughout the community, provides a meeting place for Boy Scouts and other citizens’ groups and joins with other organizations and businesses in South County to lend a hand when needed. 
      Now Elks Lodge #2528 is in need of support. Late last year, a storm damaged its building and roof. The roof has been replaced, but water damage from the leak meant more repairs. Every area of the building was damaged.
      “We are currently in the process of repairing and replacing sections of our lodge with the help of insurance money,” says the Elks’ Exalted Ruler Linda Kilpatrick. “However, we will not be able to complete the additional repairs without help from our community.” 
       Enter Operation Broken Antler, an ongoing fundraising effort, to help reach their goal of $300,000. 
      The three-phase project allows the Elks Club to remain operational during repairs. The $43,000 hall repairs are now 90 percent complete, including building a new bar, renovating bathrooms, replacing insulation, drywall, ceiling, hall floor and updating HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Phase 2 will focus on repairs and updates in the kitchen area ($150,000), while Phase 3 will tackle social quarters, parking lot and the outdoor bar ($107,000).
      Contributions can be mailed to the Deale Elks Lodge, 6022 Drum Point Rd., Deale, MD 20751 attention: Secretary; delivered to the lodge or donated through PayPal (Elks account email: [email protected].)