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Putting Vets in Business

Project Opportunity helps entrepreneurs get started

      Ideas may have the power to change the world, but they don’t become reality through wishful thinking. They take hard work.

         Joe Giordano knows just how much work.

         He’s the founder of Project Opportunity, a program to help veterans turn their ideas into reality. Giordano isn’t just an idea veteran; he’s a military veteran, too.

         “I founded Project Opportunity in 2010 because of the high unemployment rate among veterans,” Giordano said. “I wanted to give them an alternative to traditional employment.”

         His 10-week, 30-hour intensive course is an entrepreneur-training program to help veterans start their own business. The only prerequisite is to have a solid business idea.

         The best part? It’s free.

         The course ranges from business plans to money management and accounting. The evolving program recently added social-media marketing and sales to the syllabus.

         Chuck Davis, a 2014 Project Opportunity graduate in Glen Burnie, calls the class, “the ultimate roadmap to becoming an entrepreneur.” His business, Kiss My Glass Window Cleaners, has continued to grow since he took the course.

         Classes begin Wednesday, March 13. Register now for the Project Opportunity Anne Arundel County Spring 2019 orientation session February 27: