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Recalls Now Sent to Drivers

Registration renewal notices do double duty

       Learning about vehicle recall problems is a little easier now thanks to a pilot program by the Maryland Department of Transportation. More than 73,500 recalls have alerted car owners to potential safety problems since the program began in April. Recall information is mailed and emailed with registration renewal notices.

     Maryland is the first state to use the program, which sends alerts to consumers via their vehicle registration renewal notices. Funding is through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; the $222,300 grant supports the pilot program for two years.

     Before sending out vehicle registration notices, Maryland Vehicle Administration runs vehicles against the national safety recall database. When recalls exist, a message is added to the notices, encouraging drivers to visit their service dealer. An open recall does not affect your ability to renew your registration.

     You can also check for recalls using your Vehicle Identification Number online with the VIN look-up tool at