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Spiggy is Calvert’s Most Beautiful

It’s what’s underneath that counts

You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but Spiggy is this year’s Calvert You Are Beautiful Volunteer. Yes, Richard ‘Dave’ Spigler, the guy who added frump to female impersonation by donning a hog nose, big-hair wig and old grandma dress. The very Spiggy whom with a cadre of friends, formed the Washingon Redskins’s Hogettes cheering section for 19 years.
    The beauty beneath that surface is a big heart dedicated to raising big bucks for good causes.
    “Under Dave’s guidance and leadership, the Spiggy and Friends fundraising group has raised more than $750,000 for local kids,” wrote Maritrese Nash, his nominator for the annual award.
    His signature fundraiser has been a three-day weekend of golf ending in a Sunday Redskins’ game-day party complete with more stereotypically beautiful Redskins’ cheerleaders.
    “Dave wears a variety of hats,” Nash writes. “He has organized drives, golf events, sat on various boards, emceed at various functions and events, and all for the kids. He has visited sick children throughout the Washington Metro area, cheering them with his jokes and costume. He is also a member of the Core Services Advisory Council that helps ensure adequate mental health services for all county residents.
    “Since he retired from the Navy, Dave now works full-time for Calvert’s kids.”
    In choosing Spiggy, Calvert area media, including Bay Weekly, reviewed nominations of citizens throughout the county. Spiggy was the unanimous choice.