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Sprucing Up Forest Drive

SOFO business group to transform Annapolis Middle School fence from sad to glad

Thousands of commuters each day slog their way along Forest Drive, the busy Annapolis thoroughfare running from the southwest edge of the city to the Eastport Peninsula.
    The South Forest Drive Business Association, SOFO as the coalition of local businesses calls itself, wants to give those drivers something to look at, beginning with a 500-foot rusty and battered chain-link fence topped with barbed-wire midway along the road at Annapolis Middle School.
    Come Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, that fence is getting a makeover. A workforce will attack, clearing the leaves and trash tangled within, removing the barbed-wire, then cleaning, derusting and painting the fence.
    Making the fence presentable is Step 1. Step 2 is turning those chain-links into an open-air gallery. Students from all of the schools along the corridor will contribute four-foot-by-four-foot artworks that will be permanently installed on the fence.
    “SOFO hopes that with a consistent effort and help from the community throughout the spring and summer that we will bring this fence back to life,” says president Jen ­Balducci.
    Groups and organizations are invited to help with labor, materials or both. A banner on the fence will show off the logos of all organizations and businesses that contribute money or volunteers: [email protected].