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I Do.

We asked, and you delivered, with great nuptial photos and wedding day memories.




Nick and Kellie Brown 

Married September 9, 2017, at Holy Family Church, Davidsonville

TThey began their new life in a lovely home in Edgewater with their beautiful border collie Noah. They continued building their story with a new little baby girl, Lucie.

Kellie works at University of Maryland Hospital as a social worker. Nick is an elevator mechanic with the Otis company. They center their lives around friends and family. Their love overflows to all they meet, bringing joy and happiness. 

–Carol Dress, mother of the bride


VK Holzendorf and Mike Shay  

Married June 1, 2013 on their West River farm.

We married in the company of donkeys Banjo and Bella.

What makes a good marriage? We have a simple contract. She makes the morning coffee, and I promised it would not be boring.

–Mike Shay


Clarice R. and Raoul J. Graves  

Married September 22, 2018, at Mayo Beach

My favorite moments were when the Naptown Brass Band escorted our guests to the ceremony site and when my bride arrived down the aisle. (photos by AK Wedding Photography)

–Raoul Graves


Andy and Stacy Eckles  

Married in Crystal River, Florida, a family destination for years, on May 9, 2015

The ceremony took place in the backyard of Stacy’s parents’ home with the reception at the Plantation on Crystal River, with the Crystal River full of pontoon and john boats cruising around slowly with passengers taking it all in. The wedding was very laid back, similar to a big summer family reunion in the sun. Andy, who wore jeans and awesome shark socks, made custom wooden jewelry boxes for Stacy and her two daughters, Katelyn and Allison.

What makes a good marriage? Let go of expectations and realize relationships are hard work and not always the image portrayed on TV.

–Stacy Eckles


Paula and Patrick Boccabello 

Married July 17, 1993, at Fountain Blue in Lanham

Patrick and Paula are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary. They raised now-grown sons John and James in Franklin Manor in Churchton. 

–Lauren Boccabello, mother of the groom






Lawrie Hollingsworth and Karyn Hodgson Hollingsworth 

Married March 26, 2015 at Unity by the Bay church, Annapolis 

Our wedding was on our 20th anniversary, March 26, 2015. Karyn made the wedding cake. After the ceremony we and the 10 or so guests went to Reynold’s Tavern for tea. Our middle and youngest sons Liam and Colin stood up with us. Evan was home sick. He dressed for pictures, then went back to bed.

What makes a good marriage? My wife and I have been together  25 years, legally married for four. My advice is the French saying: Marry someone with whom you can speak intelligently for the next 50 years. So far, it’s worked for the first 25.

–Lawrie Hollingsworth


Katie and DaWayne Medley  

Married June 2, 2007, on the water at Turkey Point Island

There was a light breeze and 80 degrees, the kind of weather couples beg for. We’d love to renew our vows before we move to North Carolina next summer. Maybe at the same beautiful location? Who knows?

Our two families combined and are now an amazing team we refer to as The Medley 7.

What makes a good marriage? Find fun things to do together, be nice to each other and keep your promises.

–Katie Medley





Debbie Barber-Eaton and Neal Eaton 

Married October 12, 2005, at St. Margaret’s Chapel in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland 

We were wed five years to the minute after we reconnected after being apart for 30 years. Bay Weekly just reviewed Debbie in Gypsy at 2nd Star Productions.

What makes a good marriage? Have the difficult conversations.

–Debbie Barber-Eaton


Amber and Jonathan Main 

Married May 11, 2019, at the Capt. Avery Museum on the West River in Shady Side

Vows were exchanged at the river’s edge moments before a bit of serious good-luck rain. They and their wedding guests partied for hours in a beautiful white tent on our historic waterfront lawn. Bride and bridesmaids wore red deck shoes.

What makes a good marriage? Being spontaneous.

–Jonathan Main





Terri and Doug Sisk 

Married April 4, 1975, at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Owensville












Sam and Barbara ‘BJ’ Chase 

Married February 28, 2004, at Herrington on the Bay in Rose Haven 

What makes a good marriage? Have fun together. Nothing makes me love and appreciate my husband more than doing something that we both enjoy. Sunshine, music and beer help, too.

–Barbara Chase







Megan Hines and Ryan Dierks 

Married November 11, 2017, at Galesville United Methodist Church

Their reception was at Pirates Cove. They left the reception on a Dimillo’s Back Cove 32 for Herrington Harbour South for the night.

She was wearing her four-inch spikes when she got in the boat and when they cast off. 

–Joanie Hines, mother of the bride

What makes a good marriage? I’d say have as much fun as possible. For us, it’s being on the Bay as much as we can. Also, let her drive the boat once in a while.

–Ryan Dierks


Dixie and Paul Schneider 

Married June 2, 2006 at First Baptist Church of Upper Marlboro

Paul proposed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I worked there, and he was jousting, so my friends made sure I had my best dress and Renaissance costume on. They sent me to the castle to watch the joust, which he won, before proposing publicly.

We married eight months later. We were the first wedding in our new church building. I also wanted to get married to a knight in a castle, so we had the reception the following day at the Cloisters Castle north of Baltimore.

The wedding was awesome. We forgot my wedding band, so I used my new sister-in-law’s band for the ceremony. My dad walked me down the aisle and cried, as I knew he would. We had my mom and dad's wedding song — There is Love, by Paul Stookey — performed at the ceremony.

The reception was so much fun the next day. The weather and the castle were beautiful. We released butterflies, cut the cake with Paul’s sword and had the best time dancing. My dad and I danced to Chiquita by Abba, as we had a million times before when I was four and five and six, everyday when he got home from work.   

My dad’s speech was great. He said when I was little I said I wanted to marry a knight, and live in a castle, and he had told me, “oh, honey life doesn’t really work that way,” and now here I was marrying a knight in a castle!

What makes a good marriage? We have been married 13 years as of June 2. This is what works for us: 

1. We put God first. Life is busy, and sometimes it is very hard to see eye to eye in the stress and business. However, when we seek God first and the wisdom he gave us in the Bible, we see that there are bigger issues than just us and our pride or what we want. We strive together to please God, and supporting and loving each other in a marriage pleases God.

2. We forgive. It is amazing how much forgiveness is required in a marriage. The people we are closest to are the easiest to hurt because when we are busy we are not always considerate. Also, we all have different ideas about the way things should go. When we look at how much God forgave us, of all our sins, through his son on the cross, it is much easier to forgive each other.

3. We make time for each other. When we make each other a priority, it is much easier to see eye to eye. It is important to have times that we discuss family business and time to just enjoy each other. When we have hard issues, we address them and even get help from other people that we trust when needed. 

–Dixie Schneider