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Local Expert Stars in Appraisal Roadshow

Your chance to discover treasure
Eastport resident and antique appraiser Todd Peenstra will tell you the worth of your family treasure at Appraisal Roadshow Sunday.
      Chesapeake Country is once again the setting for a picking pair living out dream jobs. This time, you can be part of the treasure hunt. Your valuables take center stage on Sunday, Sept. 15, when Appraisal Roadshow comes to Owings.
Todd Peenstra and Steve Gouterman are on hand to educate you on the worth of your item and regale you with its history.
      “We provide two values,” Peenstra says. “First, fair market or wholesale value. Second, the replacement or retail, also called insurance value.”
      Peenstra, an Eastport resident and owner of Peenstra Antiques Appraisals, has been in the industry for more than 30 years. “If you do anything for more than 10 years, you’ve got an MBA or doctorate in whatever it is,” he says.
He got his start after working in a world famous antiques shop in New Orleans. “I gave the job a shot, and it gave me my career,” Peenstra says.
       Gouterman, who owns Virginia-based Paradigm Experts, has been a gemologist since 1980. “I got into the field during the precious metals surge between presidents Carter and Reagan,” Gouterman says.
      The pair has had plenty of experience in what puts the “show” in Appraisal Roadshow. Each event typically features interesting surprises. “A case that was thought to be a set of 1800s dueling pistols contained a vampire killing kit from the 1870s,” Peenstra recalls. “It was complete with silver bullets, ivory crucifix — featuring hollowed ends for garlic and holy water — and a mirror.”
       Another surprise was a vellum letter signed by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
      “A lady looking for help clearing out items in her parents’ estate came across a plain manila folder,” Peenstra says. The letter inside was valued at $75,000.
This live and unscripted show depends on you bringing items for appraisal. 
      “We’ll tell you what you have and what it’s worth,” Gouterman says. 
       Items you might bring include jewelry, silver, porcelain, china, artwork, coins, statues, sculptures and historic memorabilia. The cost to get advice from the experts is $10 per item appraised, with a limit of four items. No big pieces, such as furniture. 
      The event benefits the Calvert American Antiques Arts Association.
      Appraisal Roadshow: Su 11am-2pm, Fridays Creek ­Winery, Owings, $10 per item appraised: