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Be a Tourist Close to Home

Visiting friends and family gets you go-go-going

I lived on the verge of our nation’s capital my whole life until I moved to Vermont to go to college. Only when a friend from Sweden came home with me for spring break did I understand the treasure I’d taken for granted.
    Hanna wanted to see and do everything, from the National Mall to all the Smithsonians to the Newseum to the National Zoo. She was the tourist, but I had as much to learn as she did.
    Hanna’s favorite place in D.C. was the White House. “I have seen it so many times in movies, news reports and heard so much about what was going on there,” she said. “It was cool to see in person.” We took lots of pictures, even a White House selfie, and it was a lovely day to walk around the Mall in March seeing the rest of the monuments and taking pictures.
    My favorite was the Newseum. The Smithsonians are free; the Newseum definitely isn’t. It was well worth the price with all of the exhibits that look at history as it is chronicled: media coverage with stories, quotes, pictures, and video. We went when it rained, which was good use of our time, because you can spend all day exploring.
    Being a tourist in the capital in your own backyard was fun, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Lots of go-go-going, so I will probably wait for my next friend to visit before exploring more.