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You’re Never Far from Fun

One good trip recommends another

Scene: Living Room

Mackenzie: Mom! What are we going to do for vacation this year?

Heather: I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far. Any ideas?

Mackenzie: Last year’s vacation was great. The cabins at the park are fun, and you still get the natural feel, cooking out on the grill and using the bathhouse. It is such a pretty park, up at the very top of the state! Lindsey and I really enjoyed watching them feed the turtles at the nature center. Great trip!

Scene fades, as black and white images of Elk Neck State Park come up: climbing to the top of the lighthouse, swimming in the Bay, biking and hiking.

Heather: That was fun! Don’t forget part two of the vacation, though.

Mackenzie: When we got a hotel in Hagerstown for four days?

Heather: Four fun-filled days! That was our home base as we explored western Maryland.

Mackenzie: And don’t forget our jaunt into Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Images of high ropes course and zip lining, along with tubing down the Shenandoah River appear on screen.

Heather: One day, we hit three state parks to get our questing in. That helped us reach our 12-park goal for the year.

Scene fades. Images from South Mountain, Rocky Gap and Fort Frederick State Park scroll past. Jon, Heather, and Mackenzie in their Team Bay Bougheys T-shirts are meeting challenges at the different parks to complete their 2013 Park Quest Maryland.

Mackenzie: Hey! Aren’t you forgetting the best part of that day?

Images of cows and an ice cream shop appear on screen.

Heather: That’s right. South Mountain Creamery. Our favorite place to stop when heading out west. I’m so glad we were able to time it to get there at 4pm to help bottle-feed the baby calves.

Mackenzie: That, and the best chocolate ice cream in Maryland!

Heather: Then, we thought we were rained out one day.

Mackenzie: Right, but we still found something to do.

Heather: The Garrett County Fair was going on up by Deep Creek.

Mackenzie: That was my first demolition derby. Plus, all of the livestock that was there to be judged. Some of those rabbits were crazy, as big as they were. And, all the rides! What a fun day — even though it was a bit wet.

More images appear: Carnival rides, a demolition derby, all sorts of fried fair foods and a multitude of animals, many bearing ribbons on their cages for an assortment of prizes earned.

Heather: And on our last day, we visited another state, and not too far away. Gettysburg is always a good day trip.

Mackenzie: Dad always enjoys going there. It’s fun to wander the battlefields and head into town.

Scrolling images of the battlefield at Gettysburg, along with the downtown area, and people walking around in period costume.

Mackenzie: That was a great vacation. We got to see a lot of the western part of the state and some bordering areas of other states. I know! This year, why don’t we do the same thing, but just make our home base somewhere on the Eastern Shore?

Heather: Great idea! Let’s do it!