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Annapolis Art on Display

City art new and old collected in a book

Greg Harlan’s mural of John Paul Jones’ ship Ranger battling at sea on Naval Academy wall on King George Street.

The art community in Annapolis is about to get published. 

The Art in Public Places Commission of the City of Annapolis plans to publish an updated edition of its heritage area award-winning publication, Art in the City of Annapolis.  

“We are very excited about the opportunity to showcase the art of Annapolis from colonial times to the present,” says Cynthia Krewson, Art in Public Places Commission’s current Chair. “I think everyone will be impressed by the sheer volume of art that our city contains.”  

The updated book adds new public work by artists like Cindy Fletcher, Charles Lawrence, Jeff Huntington and Sally Wern Comport. 

“What makes this new group of artists so unique,” says former Annapolis mayor Ellen Moyer, “is their efforts to involve the youth of Annapolis in the creation of many of these new works.”  

Works by these contemporary artists join the city’s more familiar monuments at the State House, St. John’s College, St. Anne’s Church, St. Mary’s Church and U.S. Naval Academy. Also included is art representing the history and contributions of the Black community, whose roots date back to the beginning of Annapolis.  

The City of Annapolis has funded design and production; now the Commission plans a fundraiser to print the book.  

Contributions welcome at ACF/Friends, Post Office Box 5736, Annapolis, MD 21403.