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Twin Beach Players’ Kids’ ­Playwriting Festival

Six young winners bring their plays to life

See how kids interpret the world in the Twin Beach Players Seventh Kids’ Playwriting Festival.
    The festival invites kids from all over the state to write their own plays, with the six winners bringing their play to life. Winners and performers range from age seven to 19.
    The festival not only fosters new talent but also keeps theater alive for the younger generation, who play with iPads and Wii’s.
    Plays range from outrageous slapstick comedy to teens transitioning into the real world to murder mysteries. Across subjects and genres, they have universal themes that can be appreciated by audiences of all ages.
    Jeffrey Thompson, a second-year winner, nailed two genres. Matthew’s Mysterious Murder Mystery is a whodunit; Theseus and the Monsters is an insightful work about facing fears.
    The young playwrights direct their plays, choose their casts — perhaps including themselves — and design their own costumes and sets.
    “It’s magical to see what these kids can come up with,” said Regan Cashman, who has directed the festival the past five years.

Playing thru Aug. 12: FSa 7pm; Su 3pm at North Beach Boys and Girls Club, 9021 Dayton Ave., North Beach. $5: