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Calling the Shots

Crossettes, Chrysanthemums and Cakes light up the Chesapeake

A spherical burst without a tail

Like the peony but with a trail of sparks on its way up to bursting

Similar to chrysanthemums but lasting longer with a dome effect that looks like a weeping ­willow tree

Looks like a palm tree with fewer large tendrils instead of smaller streaks
Looks like a peony or chrysanthemum with a ­cluster of static stars in the center

The signature crisscross effect is caused by several large stars in the same shell that break into ­smaller stars
Multi-break Shells
Large shells with smaller shells inside that scatter across the sky after the initial burst
The loudest. With a quick flash, salutes create more sound than visual effect

This ground firework shot from a mortar can ­contain stars or shells

            Roman Candle
Large stars combine in irregular patterns and intervals that create a crisscross shape
A cluster of tubes linked for an aerial effect that can have over 1,000 shots

The coloring agents and wavelength of each color: