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Movie Reviews

Maybe elephants shouldn’t fly if this is the best they can do
    After having lost an arm fighting in World War I Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell), returns home to find his hopes dashed. His wife has died from influenza, and his war injury has ruined his chances at reclaiming his job at the Medici Brothers Circus.       Holt is reduced to caring for the elephants. 


This horror masterpiece forces us to look in the mirror 
     Left mute and wounded by a childhood trauma, Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) struggled into adulthood. Now she is married, has two children and is thriving by American standards.      But husband Gabe (Winston Duke) is status-obsessed. Daughter Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) barely looks up from her phone. Son Jason (Evan Alex) is oddly given to masks and magic tricks. 

See the tense reality behind America’s ­successful moon landing 

      President John F. Kennedy promised that America would send a man to the moon by the end of the 1960s. To reach that goal, breaching the heavens and exploring the universe beyond, America made a massive investment: $23 billion. NASA was born, and its astronauts became the stars of American pop culture.       In 1969, that dream was close. Apollo 11 astronauts would touch the moon — or die trying. 

A feminist superhero makes a strong debut 

      Long before Thanos snapped his fingers to eradicate half the universe, a female soldier in an intergalactic war was seeking her destiny. Vers (Brie Larson) has great power, in the form of powerful photon beams that shoot from her hands. But is the newest member of the Kree army ready for battle?       Her commander, Yon-Rogg (Jude Law), fears she’s too emotional. Vers tries ever harder to impress him, with little success.

A family wedding leads to disaster in this tense drama

     Laura (Penélope Cruz) and her children fly to Spain from Argentina to celebrate her niece’s wedding. Everyone in the small village is curious about a woman they see as glamorous and rich. Increasing the intrigue is her husband’s absence. 
It’s man against nature in this gripping drama
     Overgård (Mads Mikkelsen) has timed his survival to the second. The only survivor of an Arctic plane crash, he’s created a strict regimen ruled by the beeps of his wristwatch. Mornings he visits the burial site of his co-pilot to maintain the massive SOS he has carved in frozen snow. Afternoons he grapples up to the highest point he can to hand-crank an emergency transponder in hopes someone will hear him. Evenings he checks his ice fishing lines for a trout to make his raw dinner. 

A college student fights killers, science and time loops in this fun sequel

     Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) escaped from a time loop of death and resurrection, her lives and deaths controlled by a killer in a baby mask. Her slow evolution to goodness eventually ended her repeating day.         Or so she thought.
Everything isn’t awesome in this lackluster sequel
      LEGO master builder Emmet (voiced by Christ Pratt) expects a prompt return to awesome after saving his world from evil President Business. Instead, a new and possibly more dangerous threat emerges as a new species invades the LEGO world.
Peter Jackson uses technology to breathe life into 100-year-old history
      In 1914, the men of the United Kingdom were called to war. They signed up by the thousands, men and boys as young as 14 joining the British armed forces with hopes of distinguishing themselves.       They thought it would be an adventure: their chance to become like the heroes they read about in books.      The reality, however, was different.

A story too ridiculous to miss — once it streams

     Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) has carved out a sun-soaked life on the idyllic island of Plymouth. When not hunting a fish he’s named Justice, he runs charter-fishing trips for rich clients.       The sudden appearance of his ex, Karen (Anne Hathaway), throws him for a loop. The love of his life and mother of his child left him and took their son, hoping to find a man who could give her the life she wanted.