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Dear Bay Weekly:     Sadly I must tell you Mr. Oliver T. Owl passed away on the morning of April 17.     When I visited with Oliver at the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary, rehabilitator Sandy Carr said he was doing well, eating the meat she was offering him. He seemed alert and checking everything out from his perch in an aquarium in her clinic. I had an opportunity to stroke his rear neck feathers — oh, so soft — and he didn’t seem to mind.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Your Home and Garden Guide [March 31] was a great edition, practical and perfect this time of year. I’ve been gardening since I was knee high and my father gave me my first square-foot plot for radishes I have some good-old Italian-American bean varieties that came with my family from Italy. Now I want to try the purple Gita bean the Bay Garden wrote about, if he can tell me where to find them.
Dear Bay Weekly:
Dear Bay Weekly:     Just wanted to tell you that Companion Canines for Independence fundraiser Sails & Tails on April 9 was a smashing success. Everyone was happy, and we grew a lot from last year. Next year we’ll grow even more. Already thinking and planning.     Thank you again for all you did. Aries Matheos’ story in your paper [March 24: HELP is a Four-Legged Word] helped us reach a lot of people who otherwise would not have known about Companion Canines for Independence.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Janice Booth’s appreciation of Elizabeth Ayres’ book Invitation To Wonder: a Journey Through the Seasons (April 7) was just lovely. Made me want to read the book! Again! Kudos to both writers. –Maggie Koehler, Huntingtown
Dear Bay Weekly:     I have a question about The Bay Gardener’s Guide to Spring, published in the March 31 Home and Garden Guide. Under the heading Preparing Garden Soil, Dr. Gouin writes that when preparing the garden bed, “to conserve soil moisture and energy, simply hoe out the weeds or kill them with either horticultural vinegar or Roundup about a week before you intend to plant.”
Dear Bay Weekly:     My Sunday reading routine always begins with The Washington Post Magazine. I go straight to Date Lab and wonder if anyone will find love this week. Or even just give their date a second chance?     Now I have a new reading routine. It’s on Thursday, and it’s Bay Weekly. I go straight to Diana Beechener’s movie reviews and wonder if Diana has seen any movies this week that she likes.     She makes the reviews fun, and she’s made me want to go to the movies again.
Dear Bay Weekly:
Dear Bay Weekly:     I just wanted to thank you for Diana Beechener’s incredible article on VetDogs [March 24: Working Like a Dog] and on the run April 3. The article, the pictures and everything about it was great, and I’ve already gotten quite a response from it. I appreciate all of your help. –A.D. Schiff, MIDN USN
Dear Bay Weekly:     SUPERB! Both your editorial and the article on libraries were absolutely great.     [March 10: and]     Many thanks. –Valerie T. Ahrens, retired librarian; by email