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More Animal Lovers Needed
Another Living Veteran of the Battle of the Bulge Remembering the Battle of the Bulge: Two men who were there reminisce: Nov. 8, 2018,        I found Bill Sells’ Nov. 8 story on the Battle of the Bulge very interesting.
Building skills to open new worlds
       There is much to be thankful for on my second Thanksgiving in Armenia.     Emilia is studying at Cambridge University, sent on her way with support from Chesapeake Country. One of Armenia’s brightest and best, she is one of only 12 students from all over the world offered the chance to study veterinary medicine at the world’s oldest university this year.
Our Favorite Periodical         Your newspaper has taken on a new look with a new dimension, and I am really enjoying it. Every issue follows a theme and all the articles connect. Recently, the Bay Weekly featured articles on senior living and retirement. Then we read many articles on Fall Fix-Up that offered many helpful hints to motivate your readers.  
More on the Ships at Mallows Bay RE: The Many Ghosts of Mallows Bay, Oct. 25, 2018,       I enjoyed Warren Lee Brown’s Oct. 25 article The Many Ghosts of Mallows Bay, which was both well researched and written.
Where to Find Enough Said       Hello. I am writing to Bay Weekly to see if you may know where I would be able to purchase several copies of Dr. Francis Gouin’s book Enough Said! A Guide to Gardening through the Seasons.  I have been unable to find it on Amazon or other web locations. I know Dr. Gouin was a past author for your weekly newspaper. Thank you in advance for your time and any help you can provide.
Local Business Guide Hit the Spot        I’ve been meaning to thank you for the Local Business Guide [July 19]. It was great and so useful. I really do appreciate it.        Also, in the same issue, you told your story about growing up in University City. I grew up in the 1950s in St. Louis, too, in Affton. I am so glad I grew up then and there. My neighborhood was a good one, too. You brought back fond memories. Thanks for that, too.
Some Housing Unrestricted in This Adult Community
Where Do I Find Milkweed?        I really enjoyed your column and Ms. Barker Frankel’s article that I just read on monarchs in the paper of Sept. 13. We recently purchased property and have not seen any milkweed plants on it, which concerns me. In the past, our property used to be a tobacco farm and then morphed into a horse farm. I was wondering if you know of any local places that I could purchase native plants that you could recommend for monarchs.
More Pet Tales Please … And Wider Distribution       I liked your August 16 Pet Tales issue and would like to see more of them like this in the future.       I ran across this issue in one of my journeys and thought it was great and would like to know also how we could get these in our neighborhood as well. Also in Charles County. –Marvin Wells, Dundalk