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Dear Bay Weekly: A while back I read an article written by Amy Russell regarding Community Supported Agriculture. She had mentioned something about a specific website that offered a searchable ingredient list for common CSA foods. I would like to know the address. –Nicole Reed: [email protected]
Dear Bay Weekly: At last, my laziness has been given the stamp of approval, at least by the scientists trying to save our precious Chesapeake Bay.
Dear Bay Weekly: I congratulate you on the Election Educator [Oct. 28]. The present, mid-term election is my second experience in your country after the Barack Obama victory two years ago. The rubbishing of candidates of opposing camps is no different from electioneering in my own country, South Africa. You aptly put it as “a season of mud-slinging.” As a retired councilman of the City of Cape Town, I discern certain similarities and differences in the contenders, here and back home.
Dear Bay Weekly: Every year on November 11, a grateful nation honors and recognizes more than 23.4 million living veterans. While our foremost thoughts are with those in distant war zones, on Veterans’ Day Americans pay their respects to all who answered the nation’s call. Participation in Veterans’ Day can be as simple as placing the American flag on your porch or reminding youngsters about friends and relatives who served in the military.
Dear Bay Weekly: How time flies by. Nothing shows the passage of time like physical changes.  I read that the last house on Holland Island has fallen into the Bay. This was the same island we used as the stopping-off location for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation kayak trips with Don Baugh and Tom Horton. It was my first trip into the Bay, and I also wrote about my experiences Up Close and Personal for my first Bay Weekly story [Aug. 16, 2001].
  Dear Bay Weekly: This debate on the windmills [Pulling Pennies from the Air and The TALL Price of Power, Sept. 30; Correspondence, October 14; Letter from the Editor, October 21] is interesting indeed.
  Dear Bay Weekly: I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Bay Weekly for its excellent primary election issue. Nowhere else can a voter find such a comprehensive, unbiased guide to the local candidates. This election, I made a point to save all the campaign literature that arrived at my door and in my mailbox. Now that the election approaches, I have a pile six inches thick. I have to take to screening my calls every evening due to campaign calls. I am sure many voters feel as I do and just want to get it over with.
Dear Bay Weekly: Constellation Energy, the parent company of BGE, has indicated that because more taxpayer dollars were not offered in loan guarantees or rebates, it will quit the effort to build a third nuclear reactor at the current Calvert Cliffs generation site.
Dear Bay Weekly: Steve Carr wrote a great article on the United States Yacht Shows [Where We Live: Oct. 7]. To answer his question, technically, we are the oldest and largest in-water new sailboat show in the world. We are also the oldest in-water powerboat show.
Dear Bay Weekly: The September 30 issue of Bay Weekly had two articles that contradicted each other in a rather profound way. “Pulling Pennies from the Air” sung the praises of wind power. The very next article “The TALL Price of Power,” lamented the installation of 75-foot-tall utility poles in Huntingtown to maintain electric distribution stability.