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March 15 Bay Weekly: Antidote to a Snowy First Day of Spring        What a wonderful issue to read on this wintery first day of spring. Your March 15 paper pushed all of the buttons for me, starting with the Rev. Lowcock-Harris’s eloquent plea for trees. Our local Calvert County commissioners recently permitted plowing down a last bit of forest near the county seat for a fast food business which I, pointedly, will never patronize in honor of those lost trees.
Thou Shall Not Steal Trees       I am in the business of restoration: restoring hope that we are loved unconditionally; restoring faith that our lives matter and that renewal is always possible; restoring wholeness to broken hearts and broken places. So it pains me to see so many operating in the business of destruction.
Farewell Piper, Bay Weekly Delivery Dog        Piper Dog made her last Bay Weekly distribution run Thursday, March 1. She died in my arms as we got home. She knew she was loved and cared for, and she returned that love and care twice, no three times, over. Life goes on, but I’m not sure how right about now. 
Trails Are Good for America        Trails are already transforming America. They provide healthy options to get outdoors, revitalize main streets and provide important mobility choices for people to safely get around. Almost 40 percent of all trips in the United States are a 20-minute bike ride or less, and more than 20 percent are a 20-minute walk or less.
SOUPer Bowl Scores for Light House       Over 200 people braved the cold rain February 4 for the 12th Annual SOUPer Bowl Lunch at Heritage Baptist Church in Annapolis, raising $1,900 for the Light House Homeless Prevention and Support Center in Annapolis.

Richard Edwin Wilson, December 16, 1931-February 11, 2018 

      For nine of Bay Weekly’s 25 years, from 2003 until 2012, Dick Wilson had local thespians praying for his approval. Theater-going readers trusted him as their judge. His applause helped fill houses, and his boos (and rare hisses) not only hurt egos but also dampened sales.

When, where or how, love takes stepping outside your comfort zone

       When is the adverb director Rob Reiner and crew settled on for the legendary (and now ancient) rom-com When Harry Met Sally … . Success is its own reward, so we follow that catchy precedent in this year’s Valentine’s story about finding love.
Dining Guide a Hit       I am enjoying this edition.       Quality and food selection are up at Pirates Cove. As they are but three miles down the road, we will re-visit.       Pleased to see a mention of Jalapeños as they are our favorite go-to restaurant in Annapolis. Great food and people; quiet atmosphere. –Dave Banner, West River

Craft Breweries Matter Even if You Don’t Drink Beer

         The legislative session is underway in Annapolis, and it is time to bring our thoughts back to beer. Coincidentally, last week’s issue of Bay Weekly covered this very subject, brewing.

There’s something like Zen in the art of beer making

       “Home brewers may dream of quitting their day jobs to live off the fruits of their fermentation,” I write in this week’s feature story.       In Homebrew to Microbrew, you’ll read about those dreams and how they fit in the lives of four Chesapeake Country neighbors. I think you’ll find these brewers likeable, as I did, and I hope you make opportunity to find their brews drinkable.