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Is January 23 just another so what, like National ­Popcorn Day?

       It was no fun writing lessons in cursive, and no better in the hybrid connected printing I developed in obedient defiance to the nuns’ complaints of my handwriting’s illegibility. My mother couldn’t read anything I wrote, either, which may be why she insisted I take typing in high school summer school. On my own, I signed up at the same public school to learn Chancery script, a pretty Renaissance cursive. I’ve used both skills throughout my life.
Praise for Owensville Primary Care RE: Health Care for All: Rich or poor, Owensville ­Primary Care turns no one away: Jan. 11, 2018,  

It’s not always a straight path 

      Like a holiday box of chocolates (thanks Bill Vance, Betsy and Alex), this week’s paper brings you a variety of choices, all I hope to your taste. (And none, I hope, that sticky cough-medicine flavor that makes you say yuck!)
Not Quite 200 Years        I regret having to inform Mr. Bill Mitchell, Master Watershed Steward of Chesapeake Bay and South River, that the silver maple Acer saccaharinum mentioned in Your Say of Jan. 4 had not been anchored for 200 years.  Perhaps he based his calculation on counting growth rings on the cut surface of the stump.

Not so good? We’ve got you covered there, too

      Very often, my newspaper gives me just what I want. Plenty of puzzles to work over the splendidly empty days after Christmas. Insight into the world around me, from my community to the cosmos. Advertisers to fix what’s broken and bring me unexpected benefits, like the Pashmina shawl from Green Phoenix that’s kept me warm since Christmas.
 A Tribute to a 200-Year-Old Tree       I was away the other day when my neighbor had a tree cut down.      I knew the tree and never imagined the woods without it. It was a healthy, solidly anchored 200-year-old silver maple. This tree nurtured generations of wildlife long before so many people lived here. The canopy of this tree fed and sheltered many generations of creatures.
Help Bend the Arc of the Universe       The holiday season invites us not only to make resolutions for the New Year but also to reflect on our lives and our actions, our values and beliefs. It is the time when we turn the corner of the calendar from the darkest days to increasing light.
A Bird (and Cat) Story      There seems to be a lot going on in the paper with birds lately. Here is my own bird story. 
Full Circle on Missing Birds      I cannot believe the various responses regarding the plight of our birds. We still have a lack of participation, even with the woodpeckers. The squirrels are loving life. Thinking about roadkill to attract the eagles.      Thanks Bay Weekly for providing this forum –Mike Stewart, Deale  
The Mystery of the Missing Birds, Continued      Yes, Mr Stewart, I am seeing this also. I too live on four-plus acres and have always had birds at my feeders. This year I filled the feeder first with a mixed bag of seed. No birds...thought seed rancid or ?? Dumped the mixed and then filled the feeder with black oil sunflower seeds. Still no birds. Next step? Clean the feeder completely and try another brand? Not sure. Open to suggestions! Please!