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Our heritage, our legacy

      The Old Line State turns 385 years old this week. While the official date of the founding of the colony is March 25, sites in Anne Arundel County will celebrate the weekend of March 29 thru 31.      A wealth of historic locales, farms, parks, businesses and museums invite you in to explore for just $1 or free. 

New effort to protect Chincoteague ponies

      Those wild ponies roaming Assateague Island have been around since the 17th century after surviving a shipwreck, as the story goes. They’ve withstood wars, hurricanes, drunk drivers and tourists trying to feed them potato chips.       But four centuries after their arrival, the Chincoteague ponies may be falling victim to another scourge: climate change.

Your ideas wanted

      Speak up on what improvements our state roads need — sometimes desperately). Maryland Department of Transportation is seeking comment on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, which includes state, regional and local plans.

London Town joins UNESCO’s Slave Route roll

       Another historic Chesapeake site joins UNESCO’s roll of Sites of Memory.        On the United Nations’ list, ­Historic London Town and Gardens joins Historic Sotterley Plantation, Annapolis’ City Dock, Baltimore’s Fells Point and dozens of other sites nationally as part of the Slave Route Project. The project commemorates the nearly 12 million African people forced into the Middle Passage of the transatlantic human trade.

$10K helps make veteran-service dog matches

      Trained to retrieve items, alert their partner to important sounds such as a doorbell or alarm, operate light switches and seek help in an emergency, service dogs help many veterans and first responders with disabilities achieve independence. Partnering with a service dog is free.        But preparing those dogs is an expensive and specialized business. The cost of the dog, medical fees and training can run close to $25,000.       Now, Maryland will help pay the bill.

At home or on the town

      St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17, is the anniversary of the death of the patron saint of Ireland. Kidnapped as a teen, Saint Patrick was brought to Ireland but eventually escaped to his native Britain. He later returned to Ireland and is credited with bringing Christianity to the Irish. He died in the fifth century. But on March 17, at least in America, everybody is Irish. Indeed, more than 30 million Americans have predominantly Irish roots. Between 1820 and 1930, 4.5 million Irish arrived in America.

Boxes for unused or expired ­medications 

      Spring cleaning on your mind? Here’s where to drop your unused or expired medications when you clean out the medicine cabinet or first aid kit.

Fight back; report the holes that caught you

      Have you got it in for potholes? Is it a personal vendetta, avenging the damage they’ve done to your vehicle?       Report those injurious potholes to the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration.

Get your free Buffer in a Bag

     We sing the praises of nature frequently here in Chesapeake Country. We know that plants and trees do important things like provide oxygen, wildlife habitat and natural beauty.       Trees also keep our watershed clean by intercepting rainfall, of which we have had more than our share this season, and reducing its impact by allowing water to penetrate the soil instead of running off into streams. You can give the Bay watershed a helping boost by adding more trees to the landscape.
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