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Calvert Library writes local history

       In Calvert County, the public library has gone beyond collecting books to creating them. For Women’s History Month last March, the library sponsored Inspiring Black Women of Calvert County. This year men take the stage as subjects of a new local history book, Inspiring African American Men of Calvert County.

Parole’s club opens grant application gates

      Need a grant?       Now’s the time.       The Rotary Club of Parole has opened the floodgates for non-profit, youth-focused grant hopefuls.         Through member donations and club fundraising, the 34-year-old Parole club gives away $25,000 to $30,000 annually. 

Know before you go

      Wondering where that snowplow is as wintery precipitation falls? You can find out on Anne Arundel County’s new tracking system.       A new Automated Vehicle Location system automatically determines and transmits the location of the county’s 74 plows and 250-plus contracted plow trucks. Department of Public Works reviews the data to monitor road conditions and the effectiveness of plowing strategies. 

Community service group asks your help

      The Deale Elks Lodge has been a cornerstone in Southern Anne Arundel County for 44 years. Known for its support, generosity and general do-goodery, the fraternal organization makes regular donations to Shady Side Elementary, Deale Elementary and the South County Youth Association. It hosts fundraising events for members and organizations throughout the community, provides a meeting place for Boy Scouts and other citizens’ groups and joins with other organizations and businesses in South County to lend a hand when needed. 

Grenade Lunchers?

      What do you do when you’re out fishing and you catch a World War II grenade? Obviously, you head to Taco Bell.         That’s what a couple did recently along the Ocklawaha River in Ocala, Fla., after bringing up a grenade while “magnet fishing,” whatever that is. (For steelhead?)       Grenade in bucket, they headed to Taco Bell, where they phoned police. It became a big deal.
       A healthy future for Maryland begins with healthy kids. Those kids are at risk when the buses and cars taking them to and from school churn out pollution in the drop-off and pick-up lanes.        Under a new program from the Department of the Environment and the Department of Education, those arrival and departure areas will become idle-free.
Ban bills return to Anne Arundel, Maryland 
      Another domino has fallen in the war on plastic, toppling close to home.        A bill banning polystyrene, the chemical that gave us Styrofoam, has been introduced for the second year in the Anne Arundel County Council. If passed, it will prohibit the use of food-service polystyrene products in the county by next January.

2019 love stories get no help from SweetHearts

       Valentine’s Day is estimated to generate more than $1.8 billion in candy sales. Most popular of those candies are conversation hearts, the little hearts with cute sayings on them: Be Mine, Marry Me. Even heart-shaped boxes of chocolates were overtaken by the little sugar hearts.          Now SweetHearts, the most popular brand of the most popular Valentine’s candy, are no longer being made.

High school junior wins Anne Arundel County’s William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award

       Mackenzie Boughey stands out in a crowd.           That’s how I first saw her: Leading her peers and thousands of demonstrators at the Annapolis March For Our Lives rally as I reported my first story for Bay Weekly in 2018.          This is why I want to be a reporter, I thought, to see influencers like Boughey fire up their community and make real changes.

College now runs community matching service

        For 18 years, the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center connected would-be volunteers with local causes and helped nonprofits fill a myriad of needs.          Now it is closing its doors.          Due to a lack of sustainable funding, the Volunteer Center could no longer operate as a standalone nonprofit.          Not that the job is finished. Far from it.