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Team Rotary RAAMs Polio raced across America with local support

The race to end polio has stretched farther than Race Across ­America’s 3,000 miles, all around the world. It has lasted longer, 39 years instead of a week. But this year’s race brings the killer closer to eradication. In its third year racing, Team Rotary Race Across America’s Polio raised an all-time high of $1 million to destroy the dread disease in its last strongholds, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Upper Marlboro woman serves on ship 10 times her age

    For America’s 242nd year of independence, Seaman Anansa Wargo, a 2014 graduate of Frederick Douglas High School in Upper Marlboro, celebrates aboard the venerable USS Constitution.     She is part of a handpicked Navy crew of 77 serving on the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat. Famously known as Old Ironsides, the Constitution is a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate. The 220-year-old ship, anchored in Boston, was named by President George Washington to honor the Constitution of the United States.

Follow patriotic history along 560 miles of land and water

    In the British Invasion of the 1960s, the Beatles and the musicians who followed that foursome transformed American music and culture, mostly peacefully.     The British Invasion 150 years earlier was waged by soldiers who sailed up the Chesapeake Bay, advanced along the Potomac, Patuxent and Patapsco rivers and eventually burned the White House and Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Armenia glories in a fresh flush of independence

    As Chesapeake Country celebrates the Fourth of July, raising beer bottles and crab mallets to the heroes of America’s Revolutionary War, so here in Armenia — where I’m serving as a Peace Corps volunteer — people are celebrating a revolutionary action of their own.
    From San Antonio, a Fourth of July fireworks accident offers a cautionary tale for coming festivities.      You never know when you’ll end up in proximity to a wild child or beer-soaked fellow who blew a chunk of his paycheck on colorful boomers in Pennsylvania, South Carolina or one of those states that sell real fireworks.

Not every species is a fan of the annual spectacle of light and noise

    No matter how much you like fireworks, your dogs — and maybe cats — are not looking forward to the July 4th tradition. All the festivities, lights and loud noises can frighten and even threaten your furry friends.     Phantom Fireworks, a rapidly expanding fireworks retailer supplying the explosives to national chains, knows the down- as well as the upside of fireworks. From its research come suggestions on how you can help your pet endure the celebration.

Eight restaurants compete for fastest honors

    You’ve got thick skin, you work well with a team, you know how to handle difficult people and your job is sometimes high-stress. What are you?     If you answered food server, you’re correct.     I’ve worked in restaurants for seven years. There’s a general hierarchy to restaurant work. If you want to serve or bartend but have no experience, you’ll probably start as a host. In an unusual twist, I began as a server.     I was not good.

Your guide to fireworks, parades and celebrations

Friday June 29

They don't read, but drivers do

    “Everybody here tries to do everything they can to take care of good ol’ Deale.”     So says Ryan Tucker, son of Joe Tucker, the man behind JT Restorations of Deale. From picking up trash along the road to helping turtles cross the street, Tucker has always had a heart for his hometown.     The recent death of a duckling gave him a new cause. A speeder careless of the creatures that share these backroads hit the bird.
Cape St. Claire Celebration