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Connect History to Life Racial justice essay contest 

Maryland testing digital license plates

      Will the Maryland Department of Transportation unscrew license-plate tradition? Digital plates that resemble electronic tablets are now in a two-year trial run on 20 test vehicles.      Maryland is one of the first states on the East Coast to enter the pilot program. Arizona, California and Michigan already allow the technology.

We’re meeting our reduction goals, Bay Foundation says

     Of the six Bay states, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia produce roughly 90 percent of the pollution.     To control Bay pollution, the EPA Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint of 2010 sets limits for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment. By 2025, all Bay jurisdictions must have in place the practices and policies necessary to meet the Bay’s pollution limits.

The votes are in


      Bay Weekly readers have been looking closely at 14 fathers paired with sons and daughters in our 2019 Here’s Looking at You, Dad lookalike competition. They’ve compared and contrasted for build, face shape, nose, cheekbones, eyes, lips and eyebrows, teeth and smile.

A guide to fireworks & parades in Chesapeake Country

         Street parades, backyard grills and red, white and blue banners herald the celebration of Independence Day. The crowning touch is rockets bursting in air to light up the skies As John Adams, America’s first vice president and second president, advised, “Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations” crown the celebration of independence in the form of screaming and booming rockets bursting in air to light up the skies. Falling on a Thursday this year means Independence Day fireworks kick off a long holiday weekend.

Sanctuary for the largest collection of ­shipwrecks in the western hemisphere

      The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay is now moving full steam ahead toward becoming the nation’s newest national marine sanctuary.      Almost five years ago, Maryland and Charles County nominated the unique area as a sanctuary. The title provides prestige and national recognition as well as federal technical and financial assistance for preservation, science, education and interpretation. 

Carmen says hello!


      Bay Weekly was among the animal lovers Sunday at the annual Anne Arundel SPCA of Walk for the Animals at Quiet Waters Park. We said hello and snapped photos of canines and their humans to include in this year’s Pet Tales edition, hitting the streets August 1. 

They’ll create school monarch gardens 

    Deep in the woods of Millersville, 10 volunteers surrounded a sprawling, lush-green monarch garden. Insect life teemed among towering milkweed plants. A black swallowtail butterfly fluttered down, landing atop a green milkweed to spread its wings.     The disparate 10 had gathered to learn how to grow monarch gardens at local elementary schools.

Dam Snakeheads Nabbed in Migration


     If there’s slight consolation in Chesapeake Country’s invasion by snakeheads, it could be that more of them are hightailing it north up the Susquehanna.

47-inch visibility is half-century record


     “It was a wonderful day,” said 95-year-old Bernie Fowler of the most challenging Wade-In of his 32 years testing the water clarity of the Patuxent River. A nor’easter had set in with light rain, fog, 90 percent humidity and wind up to 20mph.