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Management by Walking Around

The concept of Minimalism invites you to understand your outdoor spaces through interacting with them. You can do a lot or just a little, or nothing at all beyond looking at the plants and animals with fascination. The rewards are there for the taking.

She’s ringing the dinner bell

If ever you’re going to eat local, now’s the time.             The miracle of the resurrection of vegetable from seed is on full display. Apricots, blueberries, cantaloupe, corn, cucumbers, garlic, green beans, herbs, okra, onions, peaches, peppers, raspberries, squash, tomatoes, watermelon and zucchini are popping from stalk, tree and vine in Mother Nature’s midsummer magic show.

Newly renovated food court feeds imagination as well as hunger

A few years back, my visits to Westfield Annapolis Mall’s food court involved a game. I could not step on the squares of yellow tiles that mingled with the white, or they would explode beneath me. The white tiles were always safe, but the explosiveness of the blue and black tiles varied with my mood. I created the game because the food court seemed to need my help. The food court had restaurants, quarter vending machines for candy and toys and the escalator to Bow Tie Cinema, but no imagination.

Annapolis is surpassing tragedy with music, memory and money

Gerald Fischman. Rob Hiaasen. John McNamara. Rebecca Smith. Wendi Winters.             Thursday June 28, 2018, a grudge-holding gunman attacked the Capital Gazette office, killing five people, injuring two and traumatizing thousands.             How does a city mourn such a tragic loss? How do we surmount the violence and fear? What does it take?             Annapolis knows.
An alert family from Virginia Beach this month rescued dozens of seahorses with the aid of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.             In ancient lore, the seahorse was a sacred creature associated with divine beings, a symbol of power and authority.
Library patrons in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties are now calling the shots. At least in regards to what new books the Southern Maryland public libraries purchase.
Fishing poles have joined the check-out collection of a second Anne Arundel County Library, Eastport-Annapolis Neck, this year after the Mountain Road branch proved last year that library users want to fish.             Carroll, Frederick and Harford counties have also added tackle to one library each under the Department of Natural Resources and the Aquatic Resources Educational Program. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sport Fish Restoration Program helped fund the program.
“To teach meditation to a group of people who are afraid to close their eyes, you have to be prepared,” says Di Goodman, owner of Ruah Yoga Studio of Annapolis, of teaching yoga in two Anne Arundel County jails. After passing through security, she and two instructors-in-training lead six to 12 students in basic yoga poses, including the tree and downward dog, along with quiet meditation.
In need of dental attention but putting it off due to expense, lack of insurance or time to find a practice? Head to Waldorf this weekend for free dental care thanks to the Southern Maryland Mission of Mercy.             Line up early as the queue of patients often begins the night before. Doors open at 6am July 27 and are often closed a few hours later as capacity — some 1,200 adult patients — is reached.