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One pet earns five free Annapolis parking validations

      Adopt a shelter animal at the SPCA of Anne Arundel County pop-up adoption on Main Street Annapolis this weekend, and you’ll gain more than a loving addition.          You’ll also receive five validations for free garage parking in Annapolis, which can be used at any time. 

In Virginia Beach, the challenge of a dead whale

       A 26-foot-long, decomposing creature washes up on your beach. What are you going to do?          Virginia Beach had that challenge last week with a dead juvenile humpback whale that had been seen floating at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

Yes, that’s a plane coming in over busy Rt. 2 in Edgewater

      Before the plane could fly out of Lee Airport, pilot Bill Friday had a lot to check.       Are we clear for runway? Is this dial in the off position? Is the crossfeed on?       I sat in the back of the 4,000-pound light aircraft — the Federal Aviation Administration’s name for a small airplane that typically seats six or fewer people — trying to scribble down everything being said.

The autumn glory of deciduous conifers

      From the Allegheny Mountains to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s varied topography justifies our state slogan, America in Miniature. The autumn leaf-peeper can visit more than one of these variable landscapes in less than a day. How lucky are we?

Bayside History Museum keeps up the tradition

      Tom Crockett’s toy train display at Tan’s Cycles was a holiday hit for 17 years. From Christmas trains running every December, he expanded to include Halloween trains in October and November. Crowds of children with their parents and grandparents poured into his shop to watch the trains speed past mountains, towns and itty-bitty people.

Artificial intelligence, meet the real Bay

      On the one hand, artificial intelligence conjures menacing robots and algorithms vacuuming up our personal information.          But there are positive uses for learned machines, as Chesapeake Bay is about to experience.           The Chesapeake Conservancy this week announced that an AI expert is joining the organization, a first for the Annapolis-based group and a rare achievement for any nonprofit.
Bad choices now cost more
       Thinking of edging into just a bit of that red downtown curbline for a quick trip into a shop? Think again. It now costs three times as much if you’re cited.        The new fines approved by the Annapolis City Council went into effect this summer. Citations are being issued.

South County Call N’ Ride came to my rescue

     My dashboard lit. My engine choked. I coasted into the Good Old Days parking lot in Deale feeling fortunate to have my car break down so close to my mechanic. But how to get home?

Annual boat parade wants you at the helm

      Chesapeake Country loves showing off its boats, and decorating them for the holidays is a good excuse to get back on the water — even on a chilly night. The boating season is winding down, but now’s the time to think about the holidays and celebrating at one of Annapolis’ most colorful events, the Eastport Yacht Club Lights Parade.          Get your boat in on the action by signing up before December 10 for the December 14 parade, held 6 to 8pm, rain or shine.

Some are fighting for survival; other have given up the ghost

      This is a tough year on trees.          “We are seeing a lot of health issues in our trees, particularly since this is the first really dry spell in about three years,” says Anne Hairston-Strang, associate director at the Maryland Forest Service.