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Annmarie Garden’s newest public art challenge wants you to Make a Splash

Fire hydrants are the latest foray into public art at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Solomons. Also the most practical, satisfying the Calvert County Commissioners’ desire for fresh paint on county hydrants.     You, by yourself or with a team, are invited “to submit designs and compete for the privilege — and fun — of painting a fire hydrant in the Solomons-Dowell community,” says Garden director Stacey Hann-Ruff.

Before I could sleep tight, I had to learn more about these invading pests than I ever wanted to know

Editor’s note: This story is true. The author goes nameless to protect the innocent.


On a recent blustery day, a thunderous crack and immediate darkness in the kitchen alerted me to a wayward limb obstructing the power lines.     Dangling from our power lines and blocking our road was the top half of a neighbor’s pine tree.     We should call someone, the gathering of alarmed neighbors agreed.     Who do you call when a tree takes a swan dive onto a public road?

One reader’s quest to gander a gaggle sent us to the experts

On a recent trip down to my pier, I found a gaggle of interlopers monopolizing the planks and moorings. Geese. Loud, messy and surprisingly aggressive long-necked Canadas were using my pier like a roadside rest area.     I was happy they’d be on their way north in a few weeks.

Who’s that guy on the roof at ATW Hardware & Supplies?

Who’s The Man? He’s the guy Ted Kramer hired to draw attention to his business. The Man has been sitting, standing, lying and climbing onto the roof at ATW Hardware & Supplies on Pike Ridge Road in Edgewater for six years. So it’s a good thing The Man is made of chicken wire and foam rather than flesh and blood. In 2005, Kramer decided something was missing in his then 16-year-old business.

Time runs out when the money’s gone-

Maryland’s appliance rebate program, begun on April 22, will last only until the $5.4 million runs out.

The Blue Angels’ support plane, Fat Albert, has a few tricks up its wings


It’s Alive, U.S. Code Says