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Marine Corps Viet Nam veteran Karlin shows us finely detailed frames of what most of us never knew about that war, while reminding us what we perhaps have always known about wars.

The last seven words in Michael Herr’s bestseller Dispatches lament: “Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam, we’ve all been there.” Well, yes and no.

Archaeological find is biggest news Jefferson Patterson Park team has ever been part of


From start to finish, the Annapolis 10-miler pushed me way past my comfort zone

The humid air carries a buzz of excitement as 4,585 people packed in the early morning shade of Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on August 29 stretch their limbs in anticipation of the impending race. This 10-mile run is the culmination of my weeks of training through another hot, humid Annapolis summer. It’s also the fulfillment of a goal I’ve had for years of watching the race from the sidelines — to be running on the other side of the fence.

And the Winners Are …

In Bay Country, our pet photos are as precious to us as our baby photos — and often a lot cuter. Which is why we asked you to send us your pictures to feature in our annual Pet Tales issue.   We were wrong to worry you wouldn’t respond. You did, in abundance, from near and far, confirming the reach of our online edition.

Friends of Felines sanctuary provides a last chance for feral felines

From the road, the 198-acre tract is unremarkable, anonymous by the absence of signs and unscathed by improvements.

For mobile vets, house calls are the norm

Ozzy isn’t sure about the ladies with the needle. The Jack Russell-Dalmatian mix warily eyes the women kneeling on owner Mary Quayle’s kitchen floor, even though the ladies in pink T-shirts pat the ground and offer treats. Ozzy would rather not be Mobile Pet Vets’ first patient of the day.