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      You can read American history in the work we do. 

Stories to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone

Speckles, a Rabbit with Spunk        Speckles, a mix of English spot and miniature rabbit, came from Gurnie and Millie Hobbs of Bowie to our children Peter, 5, and Barbara, 3, in the spring of 1974.       While living outdoors during his first summer in a wooden hutch with litter box, he was bitten by a horse fly, infesting his hind quarters deeply with the animal disease warbles.

All the world’s a school for service dogs in training 

      It takes a village to raise Nitro.       Part of Nitro’s village is the yoga class he attends three times a week. The pup lays on his blue blanket at the front of class, chews on his bone and fights the urge to get up and roll around with the yoga students as they stretch. 

The cats in my life keep upping the ante

       In my 20 years of a wonderful, varied and active family life, we often raised cats at the same time as the dogs in perfect harmony. They even slept happily together, even our two ordinarily reckless huskies.
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Where to frolic with your four-legged friends

      Dogs need some time to be dogs. Here’s where you can take them to run and frolic leash free. (Most of the public parks in Bay country allow dogs but require that you keep them on a leash.)

Where to turn for help and to help

    Anne Arundel County Animal ­Control Shelter 

A dam shame

Disabled veterans' license plates redesigned

Deep Creek to Annapolis to Ocean City for kids with cancer