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Nextival promises the next level in good times

Nextival is “the next evolution in a festival,” according to its creator Billy Zero.     “I wanted to do something for families and kids because there’s not very much at a lot of events,” he tells Bay Weekly.     Nextival brings all that and more to the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds this weekend.

A 2018 high school grad explains how America vanquished its most numerous bird

Passenger pigeons were once the most numerous birds in North America, thought to number in the billions. They were beautiful creatures, larger and more colorful than their cousin, the mourning dove. Their tremendous and deafening nomadic flocks darkened the skies for hours, sending chickens to roost and panicking people and livestock. The adage safety in numbers could have been coined for passenger pigeons, for they were protected by the size of their flocks.

How Executive Chef Steve Hardison keeps it fresh for Pirates Cove

Change is good. Renovating menus keeps a restaurant fresh and innovative. The old adage, don’t mess with a good thing, isn’t always true.     Modifying the words may be simple, but setting those changes in motion can be daunting. Executive Chef Steve Hardison of Pirates Cove, in Galesville, knows this all too well.

Swimming in our Chesapeake — more than ever

There are many fish in the Bay. Most of them we never see — unless we’re catching as well as fishing.     Dolphins are the exception — in two ways. First, they’re mammals, not fish. Second, they break the surface of the water once or twice each minute for air because dolphins, like us humans, need to breathe.

Join the party at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Volunteers will be helping this year’s 100 or so Palooza paddlers circle Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center’s horsehead peninsula, passing through the waters of Cabin Creek, Kent Narrows and Marshy Creek before landing at the Lakeside Pavilion for food, fun and music.

Volunteer to have fun and make a difference

Squish … squish … squish …         That is the sound our water-filled mucking boots, hip waders and various other water-resistant footwear made as we marched back to our cars after a successful oyster-planting day at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center in Grasonville.

Summer breakfast and lunch ­programs keep stomachs full

More than 100,000 summer breakfasts have filled the stomachs of the children of Southern Anne Arudel County over the last decade, thanks to the Cedar Grove United Methodist Breakfast Club.     The Breakfast Club began because third-grader Nathaniel ­Quimby wanted to ensure that all his friends got breakfast during the months school was out. Ingrid ­Quimby-High, Nathaniel’s mother, brought the idea to her church. Thus began the club’s carryout breakfasts.

We asked, and you delivered, with great nuptial photos and wedding day memories.

  Phyllis and William Conrad Married September 25, 1954 I, William, take thee Phyllis … I, Phyllis, take thee William …

Experts in their field offer their help and services for your big day

Bishop Bus Service Prompt reliable drivers — and buses — get you to the church on time Provide comfort and convenience for your wedding by choosing a professional to handle all your transportation needs on your big day. Even better, do it in a memorable fashion: on board repurposed school buses.

An album of Father’s Day memories

The man you know as father surpasseth understanding — at least your understanding. As his child, you are condemned to viewing him through the lens of that relationship — to you, all-important. But he puts on roles like shirts. On the other hand, you have captured him in the clarity of a million brilliant moments. For this collection of Father’s Day memories, we asked readers, writers, friends and strangers to share with us one indelible image. I hope these memories will spark your memories.