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Join the party at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Volunteers will be helping this year’s 100 or so Palooza paddlers circle Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center’s horsehead peninsula, passing through the waters of Cabin Creek, Kent Narrows and Marshy Creek before landing at the Lakeside Pavilion for food, fun and music.

Volunteer to have fun and make a difference

Squish … squish … squish …         That is the sound our water-filled mucking boots, hip waders and various other water-resistant footwear made as we marched back to our cars after a successful oyster-planting day at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center in Grasonville.

Summer breakfast and lunch ­programs keep stomachs full

More than 100,000 summer breakfasts have filled the stomachs of the children of Southern Anne Arudel County over the last decade, thanks to the Cedar Grove United Methodist Breakfast Club.     The Breakfast Club began because third-grader Nathaniel ­Quimby wanted to ensure that all his friends got breakfast during the months school was out. Ingrid ­Quimby-High, Nathaniel’s mother, brought the idea to her church. Thus began the club’s carryout breakfasts.

We asked, and you delivered, with great nuptial photos and wedding day memories.

  Phyllis and William Conrad Married September 25, 1954 I, William, take thee Phyllis … I, Phyllis, take thee William …

Experts in their field offer their help and services for your big day

Bishop Bus Service Prompt reliable drivers — and buses — get you to the church on time Provide comfort and convenience for your wedding by choosing a professional to handle all your transportation needs on your big day. Even better, do it in a memorable fashion: on board repurposed school buses.

An album of Father’s Day memories

The man you know as father surpasseth understanding — at least your understanding. As his child, you are condemned to viewing him through the lens of that relationship — to you, all-important. But he puts on roles like shirts. On the other hand, you have captured him in the clarity of a million brilliant moments. For this collection of Father’s Day memories, we asked readers, writers, friends and strangers to share with us one indelible image. I hope these memories will spark your memories.
From Australia’s Goat Island, the luck of a crocodile-tormenting terrier named Pippa ran out last week.             For years, the yapping dog, a 10-year-old West Highland-Australian terrier mix, had tourists yelping with delight as it chased a seemingly frightened crocodile named Casey back into the drink.

2018 Sneaker Index: 36 inches and rising

As they have for 31 years, a chain of people walked into the Patuxent River on June’s second Sunday, hand in hand, and fully clothed. A tall man clad in overalls, cowboy hat and white sneakers waded at the center of that procession.             Bernie Fowler could, at one time, walk shoulder high in the Patuxent and still see his feet on the sandy bottom. In 1988, then-state Sen. Fowler held the first-ever Patuxent River Wade In, encouraging local, like-minded environmentalists to focus on the river’s well-being.

Maryland Youth Referee of the Year award makes dad proud

“When you’re a kid, you always think I want to be like my dad,” says 17-year-old Griffin Tucker. As a kid, Griffin ran around his house, blowing his dad’s whistle and throwing yellow and red penalty cards left and right. Dad Garrett Tucker loved soccer, so son Griffin did, too.

African Americans take center stage

Many diverse cultures melded to make the people of Chesapeake Country. Celebrate African American heritage, history and culture at two summer events this week as we also recognize Juneteenth, commemorating the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of Texas.