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Bay Reflections

Life on the Bay Can Be Exhausting

I rise early even on weekends, continuing the habit of a lifetime, look out and see the civil twilight and the promise of the sun. Over the flat water, dark blue now, like a sheet of glass, wisps of dark clouds with a hint of pink on the horizon in a sky of light blue. The day is already alive with morning sounds, distant traffic.

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

As my doctor read through my records during my yearly physical, he exhaled a worrisome Hmmmmmmm. That’s never good when you’re visiting a doctor.     “Let’s see,” he said. “According to your chart you turned the big Five-Oh this year.”     To me, it sounded more like the big Five-Uh-oh.

And she’s still my champion


Reviewer turns actor in Mrs. California


How the Bay Blues Festival helped me ditch the blues


Each week’s assortment of vegetables will be a new lesson

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My Father and the Slugs

My father was a patient man

These beautiful days can set you free

I have spent my life much like the proverbial pirate looking at 40, wondering why I never quite fit into today’s society, when the truth of the matter has always been that I am far healthier and happier because I never bothered to change. Too often I find that there is a sad disconnect between people’s daily lives and the world in which they live.