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Annapolis Restaurant Week

Annapolis Restaurant Week

February 21 thru 27

This time of year, when denning up like a groundhog seems the warmest way to wait out winter, it takes a strong stimulus to push a creature out into the world. Punxsutawney Phil gets a poke with a pole to rise up out of hibernation to seek his shadow. 

Annapolis Restaurant Week offers a better stimulus: Its once-a-year-only week of bargains.

From February 21 to 27, over 30 Annapolis restaurants serve three courses. Lunch is $15.95 and dinner $29.95, priced the same as in 2009 and 2010. “The price of very few things in this world hasn’t increased in that time. Annapolis Restaurant Week is one of the few,” says Erin McNaboe, chairwoman of Restaurant Week.

That bargain price brings you appetizer, entree and dessert. So you get a wide range of experience for your money.

Many restaurants open their whole menu to Restaurant Week customers; others showcase specialties. And, says McNaboe, others “concoct beautiful presentations specifically for Restaurant Week.”

All menus are previewed online at so you can plan your pleasures in advance of the Monday, February 21 start.

More restaurants than ever join in this year’s Restaurant Week, as the total climbs to beyond three dozen. Paul’s Homewood Café, a longstanding town favorite, joins for the first time this year, as does Annapolis Seafood Market, with a carryout restaurant week menu.

Events like Annapolis Restaurant Week do more than give restaurants a boost in the low season. They give us good value, widen our experience, teach us our communities and make more sophisticated customers and better restaurants. That’s why restaurant weeks have flourished across the country.

Annapolis Restaurant Week comes but once a year. Miss it this February, and it will be 2012 before your next chance to experience this range of tastes at these prices — and that’s assuming these prices will hold a fourth year. So break out of your den — and make your reservations early.

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