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Brick House of Shady Side

Before local became the hallmark of 21st century quality, 10-year-old Brick House was there. In fact, Brick House never lost sight of the values — of people, land and community.

“I like to make the food. I thrive on the pressure and the pleasure of timing and presenting every order,” says Brick House owner, chef and manager Pete Litchfield. “After the dinner push, around the bar, in the middle of the neighborhood and the great people of South County, that’s were I will be, every night.”

Litchfield sets a local standard in his kitchen, as well, in keeping with a chef-friend’s sage advice: Buy the best product available and keep it simple.

“We make the most of our local fare and seasonal seafood. I do my own shopping, from local farmers, watermen and the D.C. fish market. Our steaks are hand-picked and cut on premises. Then I prepare and cook each entrée after you order it,” Litchfield says.

Comfort is high with fireside dining among antiques and artifacts in Brick House’s cozy, home-style environment. And prices are affordable.

Brick House Crab Toast

1/2 lb. cream cheese
8 oz. sour cream
4 oz. prepared horseradish 
juice of one lemon
Worcestershire Sauce

Soften the cream cheese and smash in the rest. The closer you are to Baltimore, the more Worcestershire you will want, but start with just a few drops. 

Next, gently fold in one pound of crabmeat. You don’t have to use expensive Jumbo; in fact I find that claw meat has the sweetest flavor. Don’t use special. This is where the copiers fail. The bread is most important. Everything must cook together.

In the freezer section find par-cooked French rolls. Those little Pepperidge Farm French dinner rolls are close also; they are doughy and will cook up nicely. Slice the bread, cut it into mouth-manageable pieces. Spread on the crab mixture, and top with slightly smaller slices of Provolone cheese. 

Cook at 350 degrees until brown and garnish with Old Bay if you are from the Shore, parsley for the traditionalist. Let them cool.



Brick House of Shady Side
Pete Litchfield, owner
1534 Cedarhurst Road, Shady Side
Every evening but Tu 5pm-midnight
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1534 Cedarhurst Road
Shady Side, MD 20764
Phone: 410-867-3400
Hours of Operation: 
Every evening but Tu 5pm-midnight
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