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Fishfinder by Dennis Doyle

Fish-finder ~ by Dennis Doyle   

Paul Skrickus and Page Rorick with her first-ever rockfish.

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June 26, 2014

        The fishing is generally excellent throughout the Bay for just about all the summer species: rockfish, white perch, croaker, spot and lately channel cats. Trolling and chumming remains productive for stripers, but cow-nosed rays are becoming their usual nuisance to bait fishermen. But stripers don’t seem to be holding around the Bay Bridge structures as they have in past seasons, so it looks like an open water bite for now. All the traditional locations have produced good rockfish action at one time or another: Podickery, Hackett’s, Tolley, Thomas Point and on down to Chesapeake Beach. On the Eastern Shore, it’s been Love Point, Gum Thickets, Eastern Bay and on down to Poplar Island and Bloody Point.
    Live-lining spot will soon take center stage.
    White perch have shown up with good numbers in the shallows of the rivers and creeks and are providing fine sport on light tackle. A few sea trout and redfish have been reported around Poplar and down into the Honga and Hoopers Island areas, but the previous years’ numbers have not been equaled as yet. Crabbing is picking up some but is a shadow of seasons past. Still waiting for DNR to provide the females with the full protection that a healthy population needs to thrive.