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Fishfinder by Dennis Doyle

Fish-finder ~ by Dennis Doyle   

Lee Haile caught a new state record chain pickerel, weighing eight pounds, at an Eastern Shore lake on January 2.

Send us a photo of you and your catch along with any particulars (i.e. where caught, lure/bait used, etc.) to

March 19, 2015    Yellow and White Perch are showing up at Wayson’s Corner, Allen’s Fresh and ­Martinak State Park among other traditional locations (select Data on DNR’s Fisheries Website for mapping info). But most are still holding in deeper water in the tributaries.
    Catfish are showing up in the same places and providing some exciting tug-of-wars. Though their appearance may be off-putting, if you haven’t fried up a catfish fillet you have been missing some seriously good eating. Think twice before you throw them back.