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Fishfinder by Dennis Doyle

Fish-finder ~ by Dennis Doyle   

One Less
Snakehead in Lusby

On May 26, I caught a massive 30-inch, 12-pound snakehead right here in Lusby. I took it home and filleted it. I fish for snakehead every chance I get because not only do they taste excellent but also are, in my opinion, the best fight in freshwater around my area.

–Robert Oyaski, Lusby

The Sebastian family celebrates a high school graduation with a successful catch.

Grisada "Cris" Chotipatana caught this 41-inch striper on bloodworms at Sandy Point State Park.

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July 2, 2015

    Recent weather changes have caused a random redistribution of rockfish schools. The big concentrations are apparently breaking up and remaining on the move. When weather patterns return to a more stable state, stripers may as well. For now it is a guessing game just about every day.
    Chumming and fishing cut menhaden continues to be productive, but numbers of Norfolk spot are arriving daily, and sooner or later the stripers will begin chasing them over other baitfish. When that happens, live-lining should turn hot, assuming that there are any smaller spot to use for bait; last year that was a problem.
    Trolling has also returned as an excellent way to locate constantly moving pods of fish. Red surgical hoses are currently proving far more effective than other lures. Several experienced anglers have reported trolling the red hoses close to the bottom and just slamming good sized rockfish. Dragging medium and small sized hoses deep produces the best bite these days.
    White perch are not being found in the numbers we’ve become accustomed to in the past. Crabbing has not taken off yet. The recent deluges of cold rainwater may be the culprit here, at least for the crabs.
    In the meantime, to paraphrase the old saying about American business, “When fishing on the Chesapeake is good it’s really, really good, and when it’s bad, well, it’s still ­pretty good.” Grab onto summertime.