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Fishfinder by Dennis Doyle

Fish-finder ~ by Dennis Doyle   

Ten-year-old Dean Charlson, of
Marshall, N.C., shows a big perch he caught on the Rhode River with his grandfather July 24.

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January 22, 2015
    Vertical jigging using Stingsilvers and other metal jigs is the best technique for catch-and-release rockfish. Add a small dropper fly onto the rig and you may pick up some nice winter white perch. The Bay Bridge is the best place for this action. Meanwhile, on the tributaries and freshwater impoundments, pickerel and crappie remain the reliable, using minnows under a bobber or on a hi-lo rig. No word yet on yellow perch, but they are due to start their run within a couple of weeks.

In Season

Wild Turkey: thru Jan. 24
Ducks: thru Jan. 24
Ruffed grouse: thru Jan. 31
Whitetail and sika deer, archery: thru Jan. 31
Canada geese, migratory: thru Feb. 4
Snow geese: thru Feb. 7
Cottontail rabbit: thru Feb. 28
Squirrel: thru Feb. 28
Canada geese, resident
: thru Mar. 10

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