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Fishfinder by Dennis Doyle

Fish-finder ~ by Dennis Doyle   

John Doyle caught this 34-inch rockfish live-lining July 8 at the mouth of the Magothy River.

Jamie Avedon caught this 43-inch, 32-pound trophy rockfish off the mouth of the Choptank River at the start of the trophy rockfish season.

This 7.5" blue crab caught by Joe Cossentino and son Tony on the South River July 23 had been caught and tagged by Smithsonian Environmental Research Center only the day before.

Lucky Charms

Emma, 9, and Sydney, 10, hauled in the better part of two bushels of crabs in a morning outing in late July.

Drum Encounter

Marshall Cruickshank was jigging a half ounce Bass Assassin among the Bay Bridge pilings for rockfish on Joey DiPaola’s skiff Mikey D last week when a big fish hit his bait and took off running. After a considerable battle, Cruickshank landed a 50-plus-pound black drum, quite a feat for a 15-pound spin outfit.

One Less
Snakehead in Lusby

On May 26, I caught a massive 30-inch, 12-pound snakehead right here in Lusby. I took it home and filleted it. I fish for snakehead every chance I get because not only do they taste excellent but also are, in my opinion, the best fight in freshwater around my area.

–Robert Oyaski, Lusby