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Boats of Dick Hartge Exhibit

Event Date: 
September 17, 2016 - 1:00am - 5:00am


An exhibit of a collection of boats built and designed by Ernest H. (Dick) Hartge (1894-1979) will be held at Hartge Yacht Yard, 4701 Woodfield Rd, Galesville, Md. 20765 on Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 1-5 pm.

Included in the collection of lovingly preserved boats built by “Capt. Dick” will be the following:

• His first boat, the sleek 36’ power launch ONAWAY built in 1921
• HAPPY NOW, his last boat, built 1977, a 16’ classic Chesapeake Bay bateau
• PINTAIL, an Albatross class double-ender, built in the 30’s
• SEA WITCH, built in mid 1930s, contender in the open-class regattas of the 1930s, a precursor of
the Chesapeake 20
• CHESAPEAKE, built in 1940, one of the still thriving class of Chesapeake 20s that race on the Bay
• BLUE CRAB, Chapelle design, built in 1953, a 22’ skipjack
• ROSY-TOSY, a 12 foot dinghy that “rows easy, tows easy”
• His last round bottom boat, the 1976 SPIRIT, a double-ended sloop.

Hartge had quite a varied career. In 1934, he was hired by the State of Maryland to convert two old vessels into the ARK and the DOVE for Maryland’s 300th Birthday celebration at St. Clements Island. During WW II he was boat building supervisor for Annapolis Yacht Yard, which produced 125 Vosper PT boats for England and Russia. His largest boat, a real yacht, was the 1927, 52’ schooner EMPRESS.

Help Needed: We would like to display any additional boats we may not know about, if they are in top sailing trim. We also would love to hear stories and get pictures of any other boats designed or built by him.

The boats will be in the water and a history display will be on shore. A Grand Finale boat parade will wrap up the show at about 4:30

Hosts: The Chesapeake 20 Class Association, Robin Hartge, President; and Capt. Dick’s children: Suzanna, Totch, Alice and Maryland

Contact: Maryland Cole, or Totch Hartge,


Hartge Yacht Yard
4701 Woodfield Rd, Galesville, Md. 20765
United States