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Explore History in West Annapolis

Event Date: 
March 23, 2013 - 11:00am - 5:00pm

Children’s activities
    Explore Maryland symbols in coloring and stories at Tara’s Gifts & Parties.
    Colonial fashion show: Kids get in costume at noon at One Petticoat Lane.

Women’s changing fashions
    Glad I didn’t live then: Hairstyles through the centuries at Salon West.
    Fashions of the Roaring ’20s on display at Retropolitan.
    Cameos: Changing faces through the years at West Annapolis Antiques.

Maryland history
    Historic quilts on display at Cottonseed Glory.
    Finding roots on Annapolis Street: the Great Wardour Train Wreck; Major Luther Giddings’ vineyards on Melvin Street; secrets our Trees tell us; and the 1890 plat of the Town of West Annapolis — exhibits at Wimsey Cove Maps & Art.
    Maryland antiques for sale at Bon Vivant Antiques.

Special events
    Bike check-up and tune-up at GreenPedals.
    Wiley E. Bates students’ art exhibited at West Annapolis ArtWorks & Fine Framing.
    Wine tasting in honor of Major Luther Giddings, grower of 16,500 grape vines on his West Annapolis Horse Shoe Farm: 5-6pm at One Petticoat Lane.

11am-5pm: free. All along Annapolis St., West Annapolis: ­