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Photo Society of MD/VA/DC - July Meet Up

Event Date: 
July 11, 2019 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Photo Society of MD/VA/DC - July Meet Up

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2019

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: ArtFarm Studios, 111 Chinquapin Round Road, Annapolis, MD

Description: As photographers/artists, we are taking this journey one photograph at a time.

This month, we are exploring our personal journey.

What makes us happy? What inspires us? What makes us sad? We are looking at a single photograph and your authentic connection to it.

The rules for participation are simple.
1. Create a photograph.
2. Print it in an 8 by 10 format.
3. Buy a mat.
4. Bring the photograph matted to the next meeting.

One photograph will be selected by a visiting artist as their favorite photograph. The criteria will be truly just the that the photo resonates the most with them.

However, ALL prizes this month, will be based on random draw. To be eligible, you only need to participate in the assignment and bring a matted 8 by 10” photograph! And speaking of random, the prizes will be just that – random!

Photographs can be in any genre: Portrait, Landscape; Still Life; B&W; Long Exposure; Nautical: Architectural; Cityscape; Night photography; Street photography; Sports. I saw a list once naming over 80 specialties.

Yes, you can digitally manipulate your photograph. Feel free to add layers, color, Coke cans, take away Coke cans. It is your photograph.
We will be interactively working with and discussing the submitted photographs.

RSVP’s are really helpful for planning purposes.

We are a BYOB and snacks group. Not everyone needs to bring stuff each time and I don’t think anyone will starve if we get a month where no one brings a snack! So there will be no organization of this part of the event. It will be very serendipitous and already I am thinking that would make an interesting photo project!

$10 will be collected at each meeting or you can send it to me via Paypal. The money is used to rent the space at the Art Farm and also to pay speakers (but not me).

Group is open to photographers and artists of all genres and all skill levels. We would love to grow this as a mixed artist gathering and a group where everyone is welcome.

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111 Chinquapin Round Road, Suite 200
United States