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The Therapeutic Effects of the Human-Horse Relationship (Free Workshop)

Event Date: 
February 22, 2014 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Presented by Emma Cruse of The Arion Center.
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SNOW DATE: March 1, 1:30pm.

The Arion Center for Equine Facilitated Human Growth is delighted to offer a workshop in honor of the year of the horse for the Jing Ying institute. Horses have the capacity to read and interpret human emotions, to create authentic relationships, and to provoke change in the way people interact with the world. At this experiential workshop, participants will be invited to learn the role horses can play in fostering mindfulness, connection, and somatic awareness. In keeping with the Chinese mythos of the horse representing never-ending self-improvement, and in honor of this calendar year's element of wood - meaning creativity, nurturance, and growth – The Arion Center invites you to discover how horses help people lead richer more satisfying lives.

Emma Cruse is a life-long student of horses and everything they have to teach. She's studied with some of the world's most renown teachers of non-coercive horsemanship.

A passionate student of human growth and development, Emma designed her undergraduate degree at Goddard College to explore human psychology and the role horses can play in establishing balance and self-discovery for their two-legged partners. Emma is a licensed graduate social worker and certified Equine Gestalt Coach. Although the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ is not therapy, Emma draws from her experiences as a mental health and substance abuse counselor to enrich and inform her coaching practice.

Since this workshop is at Jing Ying, Emma won't be able to bring any horses with her. She will, however, offer Jing Ying workshop participants a special sign-up for a class at her center in Annapolis where you will be able to interact with the horses (in warmer weather!)

This is one of the free and low-cost workshops being offered from January 31 through February 24. Sign up at


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