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W. Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s tale The Secret Garden has delighted readers and audiences for over a century. Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon’s 1991 musical adaptation transforms it into a visceral experience that 2nd Star Productions delivers in a heady spray of song and drama. This musical drips with lush, hummable melodies whose subtle dissonances save it from predictable sweetness. In this G-rated ghost story, an orphan’s benign ancestral spirits guide...

Colonial Players deliver an entertaining and provocative dark comedy to remind you of the power of live theater.

In some plays you understand a character by dialogue, and in better plays through actions. But with the best, you know which way the wind blows from the moment a character walks on stage. So it is with Ben Carr and Jim Reiter, the pillars of Colonial Players’ Dog Logic, a dark comedy by Tom Strelich, playing through June 26. As the brilliant but brain-damaged manic with the heart of a dog, Carr has the audience eating out of his hand within the first minute of his opening monologue. He...