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Vol. 8, No. 1
January 6-12, 2000
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Ducks Out of Luck

Dear New Bay Times~Bay Weekly:

Let me see. You can’t fire a gun within 150 yards of a residence. But many guns can hit a target 300 yards away. Does that make sense? The waterfowl population has dropped. However, we still have waterfowl hunting season. Does that make sense?

We should feed the waterfowl in the cold months when it is more difficult for them to find food. But if we feed the waterfowl in cold months, then we are baiting for the hunters who will kill the waterfowl. Does that make sense? The act of killing is considered a sport. That makes no sense.

—S. Miller, Churchton

Harbour School Seeks Grocery Receipts

Dear New Bay Times~Bay Weekly:

As the Giant, Safeway and Super Fresh grocery receipts programs begin again this year, I would like to ask your readers to consider sharing their receipts or registering their Safeway Club Card numbers with a very special school, The Harbour School. The Harbour School works learning and multi-disabled children of eight Maryland counties plus the District of Columbia.

The Harbour School is a non-public school that has been serving the needs of disabled students for 18 years with locations in Annapolis, the Cape St. Claire area and Baltimore. It has received special commendation from the state of Maryland for its innovative programming for the learning disabled. It works closely with the various county public school systems providing special intensive instruction for a complex range of learning disabilities.

The receipts from the grocery programs enable schools to obtain valuable computer and technology equipment. While every student needs access to technology to be prepared for the future, computer technology for the learning disabled often becomes a critical component to basic instruction.

As the parent of the second youngest student at The Harbour School in Annapolis, I am especially pleased to be working with the grocery receipt programs. If you would like to share your grocery or pharmacy receipts with us, please send them to The Harbour School Receipts Coordinator, 1277 Green Holly Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. If you are a Safeway shopper, you can register your Safeway Club Card to benefit the school using program number 2924. Your gift will have a significant and direct impact on 137 wonderful students.

—Marion S. Wear, Arnold

Thanks From Rural Heritage Society

Dear New Bay Times~Bay Weekly:

With the new millennium here, I reflect on recent events and I am reminded of how generous, how cooperative, how helpful you and your staff have been to the Shady Side Rural Heritage Society and to me personally. You have publicized all of the activities at the Capt. Salem Avery House Museum, and when they merited it, given them front-page coverage. You support our raffle enthusiastically and I keep hoping one of you will be a winner.

Through the years, I have developed a strong bond of friendship with you and members of your staff, and I treasure that. Thank you all, and best wishes for 2000.

—Mavis Daly, Publicity Chair

Copyright 2000
New Bay Times Weekly