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Vol. 8, No. 12
March 23-29, 2000
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Bad Call on Les Folies

Dear Bay Weekly:

I took expectation to a majority of Gabby Crabcakes’ review of Les Folies [Bay Bite Jan. 20-26]. As a regular customer for eight months, I have become friends with the owners, Alain Matrat and Jean Claude Galan. My friendship has developed because of the frequency of my reservations, a direct result of the exemplary food, presentation and service.

I consider myself a good judge of fine dining as my wife and I dine several days each week at many of the better restaurants in the D.C.-Baltimore metropolitan area. We often plan travel around cities or countries that offer such an experience. I have dined at such places as the Four Seasons (New York), Pappagallo’s (Grand Cayman), Grey Cliffs (Bahamas), Citronelle, Galileo’s and Vadalia (D.C.), K-Pauls and Commander’s Place (New Orleans) and many others.

On a busy Friday or Saturday night, the bar at any of these restaurants would probably be busy, and waiting 10 minutes for a drink is not unheard of. If immediate service is a requirement, then many fast food restaurants serve the Annapolis area.

My wife and I have always had pleasant, professional and prompt service from the wait staff. Every individual at Les Folies has gone the extra mile.

Appetizers, entrees and desserts have always been properly prepared and seasoned. I, too, am very finicky about the proper preparation of a medium rare filet. I have yet to receive a filet served anything but medium rare. With regard to the price of $22.95, I find that price to be very reasonable for a fine dining establishment as the average price of a filet in Washington exceeds $30.

I realize that mistakes can occur in any work environment; however improper preparation is not normal for this restaurant. I suggest Les Folies be given another review. If I had not eaten at Les Folies, this review would prevent me from missing many great dinners.

—Andrew E. Canter Jr.,Upper Marlboro

Teach Frieda to Answer the Phone

Dear Bay Weekly:

Over the years, I have learned a lot about fishing from Bill Burton and enjoy reading his articles very much.

Regarding his article “Hang up the Phone” [March 2-8], I would suggest Bill come into the 21st century and get an answering machine. He could even strap a wireless phone to his belt when he’s on a ladder. He could get caller I.D., or, better yet, teach his cat, Frieda, to answer the phone. (I know cats can learn to talk on the phone because I see them do it on television.)

In any event, Bill Burton is a credit to your publication. I look forward to every article. We love you, Bill.

—Captain Al Freedman, Pasadena

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