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Vol. 8, No. 13
March 30-April 5, 2000
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Thursday Night at the Movies

Dear Bay Weekly:

First off, let me say I love Bay Weekly. I rely on it to know what’s happening in Annapolis — bands, movies, events — you name it. I have found your paper to be my most reliable source for this information.

I have a question. The paper hits the stands Thursday morning and covers dates from Thursday to Wednesday. It is 3:45 on Thursday afternoon and I’m trying to check movie times for tonight. Being at work, I went right for your website only to find last week’s news. When do you usually update the website?

—Brian Hoey,
[email protected]

Editor’s note: Theaters change their movie menus on Fridays, so for Thursday’s times you’re better off with the outgoing than incoming paper. Last-minute changes are not impossible, so any time, it’s a good idea to call ahead and confirm.

Bay Weekly online is typically updated Thursday night with the site complete by noon Friday.

Another Mom for Common Sense Gun Legislation

Dear Bay Weekly:

I’ve been reading your paper for years, with interest and for information about my community. I know how community oriented you are. So I am writing to you today about something I think we all have an interest in: the safety of our children and the dangers of handguns.

I am a mom and an advocate of safe-gun legislation. Too many children die each day in this country as a result of handguns. (The national statistic is 12.) I want the people of my community to be aware of the Million Mom March in D.C. on May 14 and of their website, www.millionmommarch.com. (They can also check out information by calling 1/888/989-moms.)

This is an effort by mothers and others who have lost a child to handguns and by those of us who never want to experience that loss. This is not an anti-gun movement. It is a demand for common sense gun legislation. The national and local events of the past few weeks have made the need even more apparent.

We mandate child-proof caps on our medicine bottles; surely we can ask for similar safety features on something as inherently dangerous as handguns. Please publish this letter in the interest of our children and our community. Thank you.

—Hazel Cross, Arnold

Editor’s note: Last week the Maryland Senate passed the Responsible Gun Safety Act proposed by Gov. Parris Glendening and Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. The bill, which must still be considered in the House, includes safety locks for all new handguns by the year 2003.

Department of Corrections

In Bill Burton’s last week’s column, “Are You Ready to Roll with Rock?” the Chester and Patuxent rivers were described as open for spring catch-and-release rockfishing. In fact, those rivers are spawning areas and therefore closed for all spring rockfishing. They may not be fished for catching and releasing or for keeping until after June 1, when they open, subject to the same rules as the open Bay.

The Patapsco River is open for spring catch-and-release rockfishing, as is the Bay proper.

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