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Vol. 8, No. 16
April 20-26, 2000
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Antiquing with Bay Weekly

Dear Bay Weekly:

Some issues back your newspaper featured a map of antique stores. I cannot seem to find the paper copy of that issue. Can you please point me in the right direction so I can find it on your website? Thanks very much.

—Jenny Leipold, [email protected]

Editor’s note: Stops & Shops, our directory of antiques and curio stores in Chesapeake Country, runs the last week of each month. It does not appear on our website.


Dear Bay Weekly:

Let Bill Burton know that his new feeder [“Chalk One up Against the Squirrels” April 13-19] has been already figured out by squirrels. A neighbor of mine had one, and the squirrels learned that if you weigh down the side opposite the feeding bar with two squirrels, one can stand on the bar without closing the feeder. I swear it’s true.

—Billie Hinnefeld, North Beach

Whose Trash Is Filling up Millersville?

Dear Bay Weekly:

After reading Molly Cannon’s Commentary “Managing a Mountain of Trash” [March 30-April 5] about the Millersville landfill, I felt compelled to voice my thoughts. While no thinking human would argue against the obvious benefits of recycling, it bothers me to constantly hear that we, county residents, must do what we can to keep the Millersville landfill from filling up.

The county talks about how this valuable landfill is approaching capacity and how much it will cost the taxpayers to replace it, if that is possible. If filling up the Millersville landfill is an actual concern for the county, then why do they accept trash from out of state?

I’ve been told Anne Arundel County actually spends taxpayer dollars to advertise in trade magazines offering to accept trash from out of state dumpers. Of course I’m sure they will say they’re doing this to keep down costs for the county residents. But, as Molly Cannon stated, we are steadily moving toward the eventual half-billion dollar cost of creating an alternate site.

Is it me, or does this sound a bit shortsighted?

—J. Baldwin, Glen Burnie

Editor’s note: The Department of Public Works does not accept trash at Millersville from outside of Anne Arundel County.

However several private businesses do accept out-of-state waste. Of those, one is a rubble landfill accepting construction debris. The others are solid waste transfer stations that collect trash, repackage it and ship it to out-of-state landfills.

County businesses pay $65 per ton to dump trash at Millersville. That makes Millersville an expensive option compared to privately run landfills in Pennsylvannia or Virginia.

Department of Corrections

Medart Galleries, in Dunkirk, is open from 10am-6pm weekdays and 10am-4:30pm Saturdays. Sunday hours are by appointment. The hours were misprinted in last week’s Home and Garden Special.

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